Hiring Movers vs. Feeding Friends

Hiring Movers Can Save You In the Long Run

Every single one of us has moved at some point in time, with the help of family and friends. Sacrificing a weekend to move a loved one is something many of us have done as well! At the end of the day, all help is greatly appreciated – But hiring movers makes more sense in many scenarios. Feeding friends, wrangling supplies and trying to safely move can become cumbersome – and the costs in the long run can add up.

Movers vs. Friends – The Cost of Your Move

At first glance, the obvious comparison is that friends are free, and movers cost money. However for moves large and small, many other factors begin to weigh in as planning progresses.

Hiring MoversEquipment A personal truck won’t typically cut it for moves at this stage in the game. From unpredictable weather to time and size constraints, most DIY moves require renting a U-haul or equivalent. While the $19.99 a day appeal is plastered all over the trucks – Keep in mind this is effective marketing! Additional charges for mileage, extended time, supplies, fuel and more are common. By then, you are committed and have little choice but to surrender.

Hiring movers will include all of these things and more. Our offices even offer moving supplies, including free delivery and collection – and we only charge you for what is used! There are no hidden or extra fees for mileage, for dollies and moving blankets, etc. A reputable company provides all pricing and details up front, and will supply everything necessary to complete your move safely.

Time This is the largest factor when planning for a move. Soliciting friends and family to give up a day to help may be easier said then done. Start times can begin to delay, and productivity may not be at max capacity. Add in a few lunch breaks and the day can quickly run away! Once your itinerary falls off track it can quickly snow ball and before you know it, the sun is setting on your moving day.

Hiring movers is not only affordable but also efficient. We do this every day! A DIY move that may take an entire weekend can be completed in a few hours. That is time well spent! We also have the experience to properly move and load your household items – This saves precious time, but also protects everything and everyone involved.

Safety Getting from point A to point B (Or C or D) can be challenging on moving day. The physical demands are only part of the equation – Properly protecting your home and your items, and knowing how to prepare and move them, can be an entirely different ball game. Of course you don’t want your friends and family getting injured, but you also want your household items to arrive in one piece! Moving is hard work, from carrying to loading and everything in between – There is a right way and a wrong way.

The commitment to hiring movers not only gives your friends and loved ones the day off – But also alleviates the anxiety and stress of potential issues, injuries and damage. Our supplies and processes go hand in hand – Protecting your home, your belongings and safely moving everything in the process.

The Biggest Misconception About Hiring Movers

Just like any expense, knowing what to expect can go a long way when it comes to planning your moving day. Any reputable service provider will give all of the information up front – Including all details and fees for your move.
The biggest misconception we see is related to the costs of hiring movers. While large moves over long distances can be more expensive, most local moves can be completed for an incredibly affordable price! The trade off for hiring movers for a few hours vs. sacrificing an entire weekend for you and your family may come down to a few hundred dollars to have the experts.

The good news – Information is free! Our free moving quote and flexible service options mean we can accommodate any move – Large or small. If you are planning to move and considering DIY – Give us a quick call today!