Heat Safety at Work

Heat Safety is Critical This Time of Year

Our number one priority is safety on any job site! Heat safety is critical, as heat related illnesses can have deadly consequences.  Commonly recognized in sports related activities, heat related exertion and illness is prevalent in moving and labor related positions as well.

HEAT and the EHS Exertional Heat Stroke

Drew Brees, New Orleans’ Saints QB has a new campaign highlighting the risk factors and symptoms of serious heat illnesses.

heat safetyHEAT

(H) High Temperatures

(E) Exercise or Activity

(A) Acting Confused

(T) Time to Call 911

Remembering these 4 key items can be the difference in saving a life! Whether you are working around your home, have movers on site or are on a moving crew – Heat illness can be incredible serious.

Exertional Heat Stroke symptoms can include a spike in body temperature, fainting, vomiting, confusion or unusual behavior, dizziness and more.