Noises in your house

Haunted House or Normal Noises?

haunted houseYour {Spooky} New Home

Anytime you are moving into a new home or apartment it can take awhile to get used to the new sounds and surroundings.  While there is no doubt that homes featured in Amityville Horror, Psycho and other scary hits have actually hit the real estate market in recent years – It is most likely that the noises and strange happenings are just the trademark sounds of your new home and not a haunted house!

Between the October chill in the air, Halloween right around the corner and new surroundings – It can be easy to get spooked at a creak or a swinging door.

ID the Source of your Haunting!

Bumps in the night: From creaky floor boards, rotted sub floors, old plumbing and loose doors, your home could be making some strange noises when you really stop to listen. When you have just moved in or seem to just be noticing – Repairs can be relatively simple in many scenarios.  Try to isolate the noise, and determine if it really is an issue if it potentially has to do with humidity levels or natural settling of your home.

Smelly aparitions: While unpleasant, your new home could have some downright scary smells!  From old messes to neglected pests – Smelling your way around may be the only way to ID the source of the ‘ghost’ haunting your nose.  Check for plumbing issues and potential critters stuck inbetween cabinets, under furniture and more. Be careful to ID and take care of serious situations like mold and water damage!

Possessed possessions: From your garage door opener to flickering lights, strange electrical happenings. This could be an indicator of electrical issues in your home rather than a haunted house!  Call a pro to come out if you aren’t familiar with the safe way to ID and troubleshoot electrical problems.

Screechy scratches: Your landscaping could be the culprit of those hair raising scratching and screeching noises you are hearing!  Trim back branches and other landscape decor so that it won’t touch your house during a storm.  This can also help keep pests out!

Chances are after the first few nights in your new home, the sounds and strange happenings will subside or at least begin to make sense!

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