Haul Away and Junk Removal

Although not a glamorous topic, trash and discarded items can quickly become an overwhelming issue. New homeowners and corporate tenants are often faced with remaining unwanted items from previous occupants, and every now and then, it may just be necessary to have a major clean-out at our homes or businesses. Being in the moving business, it became a natural next step for Moving Ahead Services to offer hauling and item removal.

When purchasing a new home or having an office move, it can be a part of the terms of your agreement that nothing is left in the space after the closing date. However, it is often an issue that arises from prior occupants leaving unwanted items behind in the haste of moving. Some may be trying to share items that they no longer need, and in some instances, it is garbage that wasn’t properly handled. Hiring a haul-away service can help avoid costly trips to local disposal sites, renting dumpsters, and the general inconvenience of having to handle the issue.

We are also called upon for renovation debris, furniture, and appliance removal from both residential and business establishments. Our experience and reputation can be trusted, as it is still important that proper care is taken even when removing unwanted items. Things can be damaged in the process, and it is often a topic that is overlooked, as many individuals are just focused on the removal itself. It is still necessary to protect flooring and walls, and to have proper scheduling and inventory lists completed.

Our goal is to recycle any items that we can. Roughly 70% of items that we remove from homes and offices we proudly recycle. In addition to that, we also coordinate donations if acceptable for items that can be utilized by those in need. The time it takes is valuable, but the outcome is rewarding and it is a great way to give back to our communities.

The next time that you are moving, renovating, or cleaning out space, give our offices in Cleveland or Columbus a call! Pricing is typically determined by the space utilized in the truck for removal, and our pros can assist in planning the successful completion of your project.