Handyman Services

Handyman MoversAs you prepare for your move, you may find yourself needing some help with things that you aren’t familiar with doing, such as assembling certain furniture, installing or uninstalling ceiling fans, and the junk/debris removal process. In addition to our general moving services, we also offer what we like to call handyman services.

Easing your relocation is our priority at Moving Ahead Services, and we make a point to supply you with any help we can in order to do so. We also understand that everyone has different skills, and that being “handy” may not be one of your strong suits, but that’s okay, because it is one of ours. We train each of our energetic movers on how to be handy if they aren’t already, showing them how to execute the tasks we mentioned previously so that you aren’t becoming overwhelmed with frustration.

Should you require assistance with the assembly of your furniture or other household objects, our movers will arrive with the necessary tools and training to put together your futons, entertainment centers, desks, computer stations, bunk beds, chairs, T.V. mounts, nightstands, and more. We have successfully assembled products from all sorts of name-brand stores, including Best Buy, Office Depot, Sears, Target, and more, so the chances are that the assembly of your furniture will be a cinch for us.

When we install or uninstall your ceiling fan, you can rest assured that we will leave the area in safe condition. If installing, we will check that the fan is hung securely, testing it for any looseness that needs tightened so that nothing will fall. If uninstalling, we will exercise caution to prevent damage of either your fan or the ceiling.

As for the junk/debris removal we offer, you can count on us to pick up and take away any discarded objects or mess from the handling of your objects, such as empty boxes, old furniture, or renovation debris. We don’t charge for the time spent removing this junk, instead basing our pricing on the amount of truck space that your junk takes up.

Moving Ahead Services is a customer-focused company, everything we do intended to make your life simpler when a relocation is involved, and taking advantage of our handyman services is one more way to ease your mind.

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