Handle With Care

Handle With Care: Assisting Elderly Customers With Moving

When it comes time to assist in relocating our loved ones, especially an elderly parent or family member, it can be especially stressful. Often, moving and downsizing can take its toll on everyone involved, and it is coupled with the fact that it typically involves leaving behind a place that had been called home for a long period of time.

Many moves to apartments, specialty neighborhoods, or assisted living facilities can be the end of stress that results from trying to maintain a home when an individual is no longer physically able to care for the house and property. Unfortunately, the transition itself can be difficult and having an outside source to help can be of great value.

Moving professionals in Cleveland and Columbus are able to provide full service, which includes packing, loading, and transport, and additional services for load and transport only, reassembly, and even distribution of items that are no longer needed.

If it is not quite time for your loved one to make a move, Moving Ahead Services also has support services available for cleaning and home maintenance. Interior and exterior cleaning, as well as handyman services, can be a great way to extend the ability for our loved ones to live alone longer. Our trusted professionals can be scheduled regularly or on an as-needed basis!

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