Gun Safe Movers

gun-safe-moversIf you have a gun safe or other large, heavy object that you intend to move, Moving Ahead Services is one of the best companies to go with, as a lot of other relocation companies do not handle gun safes due to liability reasons. They will handle them but don’t have the proper training to do so reliably. Being a company owned by a military veteran, we have the education, training, and experience required to appropriately load, transport, and unload your gun safe.

There are certain steps that we do suggest you take before we arrive to handle your move. Though not mandatory, these steps will make the process easier and permit more safety for your safe. One of the best things you can do for yourself, for starters, is to remove all items from your safe beforehand. Keeping your valuables separate while being transported helps prevent damage, especially considering that items are likely to shift during the drive, the safe possibly tilting and throwing its contents around. Another helpful thing you can do is clear a path to the safe for our movers, removing throw rugs or shifting furniture so that we can safely get to and from the safe without tripping or falling. This prevents the risk of our movers dropping your safe as they carry it from your home to the truck. The final thing we recommend is to plan ahead by pinpointing where exactly you want your safe to be setup in your new home, taking measurements to be sure that your safe will fit in the particular room you choose, and establishing a backup location for the safe should your measurements be off or something else comes up. Alerting us to any stairs that will stand between our movers and your safe is also very helpful.

Moving a gun safe or something similar is often a speed bump for people preparing to relocate, as many people don’t think of it as requiring any special attention until they come face-to-face with the prospect and questions begin forming in their minds. Save yourself the stress by having Moving Ahead Services handle your gun safe. Our movers are responsible, reliable, and respectful, having successfully moved several gun safes over time.

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