Great Deals on Self Storage

Self Storage SolutionsMoving Ahead Services collaborates with several self-storage facilities so that you have a safe and secure place to keep any of your belongings before, during, or after your move. Whether you have an excess of items and aren’t sure what you want to do with everything or there are valuable or fragile objects that you prefer go unhandled during the move, we can help you get situated with a unit in one of these facilities.

Don’t worry. We aren’t going to send you to some dingy, run-down dump in the middle of a crime-filled neighborhood. Actually, we take the time research the safest and cleanest facilities to recommend, though you’re welcome to look through the provided list yourself. Each of the storage facilities we work with are climate controlled, monitored by security cameras, and protected with fire alarms and sprinklers.

Self-storage is useful in numerous ways. If you’re thinking about getting rid of a lot of items, storing some in a facilitated unit is a great way to stay organized and keep track of what items you think you would like to keep and which ones serve no purpose. If you store something for a while and come to forget about it as you go about your usual activities at home, that may be an indicator that you have no use or attachment for that item. If you find yourself missing the item when at home, then you may want to return to the storage unit to take the item.

Or, if you’re expanding your family in any way, you may have some things that you want to keep but don’t have room for until you can occupy a larger home. Maybe you and your significant other are preparing to have a child, and you have objects that may be hazardous to risk having around a baby. You can store those items until you find a safe place to keep them in your home or until the child is old enough to be safe around said objects. Perhaps you and your significant other are moving in together but each of you have a lot of belongings that, combined, won’t fit into your home. Rather than fighting over who gets to use the spare room or basement as their own personal storage area, have each of you put some of your possessions into storage and be on an equal level.

Regardless of the reasons you have for wanting to implement self-storage facilities, Moving Ahead Services would be glad to help you. The facilities we work with have units of varying sizes to store objects large and small, and they can all store for short or long-term periods.

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