Forgotten Items in Moving

What Are You Most Likely to Forget During Moving?

Forgotten Items in MovingForget me not! When our brains are on overload during the moving process, it is easy to forget even the simple things in life. Being wrapped up in your move means you may leave some items behind or forget to complete very important tasks! Save this for your big moving day and avoid forgotten items in moving.

Most Forgotten Items in Moving

1. Address Changes

Moving means you essentially need to update every single instance of your address across all areas of your life. Take inventory of anything that you need to update and when it needs updating – Including all bills, anything you have scheduled for deliveries, items being repaired, etc.

  • All utilities, school contact information, work contact information
  • Repeat deliveries like Amazon Prime, subscriptions, etc.
  • Service-related things like dry cleaning, pick up / drop off repairs, etc.

The Updater app is a helpful tool!


2. Medical and Health

This is a critical one! Be sure to keep meticulous records and make appropriate updates for all medical and health-related necessities. This includes updating your medical records, pharmacy, emergency contact information and more. Keep all items in a safe place and easily accessible during the move. Notify all regular physicians!

3. School-Related Items

Whether your kids are transferring schools or not, you likely will have updates to be made here. Ensure schools have all proper contact information, important dates, emergency contact information, and any other relevant items.

4. Moving Supplies

Many overlook even the most simple aspect – The things you actually need to move!  Ensure you have all of the proper tools and equipment before your move – and make sure you take them with you when the move is done!

  • Packing supplies, boxes, paper, scissors, tape, labels, markers, etc.
  • Dollies and moving blankets/pads

5. Hiding Spots

Take a mental inventory of any hiding spots you have had over the years and make sure you ask your kids the same! From valuables to cash to important documents, it can be difficult to retrieve things after the fact.

6. Last-Minute Packing

The VIP items that you have left out to pack last can often be the most common to be forgotten! Check all drawers, closets, and storage and talk to everyone involved to make sure things are not stashed away for safekeeping and left behind during the move.

7. Appliances

If you are leaving the appliance behind, don’t forget to check them!  Check inside dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators, as well as washers and dryers.

8. Cleaning Supplies

Commonly saved for the end of the move to clean up – Cleaning supplies and garbage are often left behind. Keep everything together and don’t forget to do a final thorough sweep before you go.

9. Chargers / Electronics

From phone charges to speakers, laptops and more  – Don’t forget your electronics and chargers!

10. Outdoor items – Plants, planters, grills, mower, etc

Check all of your storage spaces to make sure you have grabbed and packed everything – Including all outdoor areas. Planters, grills and mowers are all frequently forgotten.

The easiest things you can do to ensure your move is organized include hiring movers and keeping very detailed lists and schedules.  This will help you stay sane, as well as ensure all bases are covered.  Keep lists handy to continually add to, remove and update!

Save this list to avoid forgotten items in moving, and contact us for your free moving estimate!