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Finding Movers in Cincinnati: 6 Tips to Get Started

Are you looking for quality Cincinnati movers? If so, then you’ve probably already noticed an overwhelming number of companies to choose from.

So now you’re wondering, “How can I tell if I’m hiring a moving company I can trust? Is there a reliable way to narrow down my options?”

Yes, there is. And you’ve just found it.

Below is a complete yet straightforward guide on how to choose trustworthy, affordable movers in Cincinnati. Plus, it will take you only five minutes to read the whole article. So, to avoid scammers and hire the best moving company in Cincinnati, follow these easy steps.

Check Local Moving Companies

We first want to warn you about a very common scam in the moving industry. You’ll find a lot of companies based online that claim to be a professional moving service. In reality, many of them have no professional movers on their staff at all.

If you hire them for your move, they post help wanted ads in your area and hire random, inexperienced individuals to help you move. In short, your possessions will not be in good hands.
Furthermore, they might even triple the final price and hold your items for ransom until you pay. But there’s a way you can avoid all this.

Only choose moving companies that have a physical address in your location. And verify their address before you hire. It’s a good idea to select movers with years of experience in your area, too.

Ask Locals

Next, ask your neighbors and other locals about moving companies they’ve used in the past. This way, you’ll find out who they would trust to move their furniture and other items again. Plus, you’ll learn which companies not to trust.

Check Online Reviews

Checking online reviews is another way to get loads of firsthand testimonies about local movers. Of course, pay close attention to negative comments, too.
Keep in mind that every company receives some complaints. So don’t be alarmed about that.

What you do want to watch out for are companies that seem to get the same complaint over and over again. That appears to be a pattern of unprofessional or problematic behavior. Also, beware of companies who seem to have a lot of bad reviews in general

Check the Company’s Background

There are also more legitimate review sites you can check. For example, look up specific moving companies on sites like the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports.

Get Estimates (Correctly)

There are three main rules about getting/comparing estimates from moving companies. First, get in-person estimates only.

Typically, moving prices are based on the weight and volume of the items being moved. No moving company can accurately quote you if they haven’t seen the items for themselves.

Next, get the quote in writing. Be sure you know exactly how the final price is determined, plus if/how the price may increase. These steps prevent surprise price hikes.

Lastly, get at least three estimates from reliable moving companies. Then, compare to discover the best deal. Also, the company you trust the most might price-match your lowest offer if you have it in writing.

Hire the Best Movers in Cincinnati

We want you to have the best relocation possible. So, for your sake, please remember this guide and use these tips to hire quality movers in Cincinnati.

Lastly, consider Moving Ahead Services for your relocation.

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