Fall Maintenance Projects

Maintenance Before the Leaves Fly

Fall maintenance projects are a great way to tackle some routine home repair items. The seasons are beginning to change, and many maintenance items are much more difficult once the snow begins to fly! Not to mention, some repairs are essential before the weather changes. Check out our top 10 list of projects to tackle this beautiful season!

fall maintenance

10 Fall Maintenance Projects

🍁Finish any Paint or Staining Repairs While the Weather is Warm

As the temperatures begin to drop, painting and staining gets much more difficult! Many paints and stains cannot be applied below a certain temperature, and many fall days are rainy and cool. Tackle any painting or staining projects this month!

🍁Repair Window and Door Seals and Exterior Window/Door Caulk and Trim

Window and door seals and trim can keep the cool air out and the warm air in. Broken or damaged seals and trim can also allow pests to sneak in. Repair everything while it is easy to access in nicer weather.

🍁Clean Windows and Screens

Windows and screens with built up junk from the summer months are not pretty to look at, and may not function properly.  Debris caught in spider webs and the likes can keep your windows from shutting and sealing properly as well!

🍁Repair any Exterior Entry Points / Holes

As the seasons change and temperatures begin to fall, critters and pests will try to find their way into your cozy home. Repair any access points to keep pests out.

🍁Have your Furnace and Duct Work Inspected / Repaired

This is not only about energy efficiency, but also safety as well! Have your furnace serviced as part of fall maintenance to ensure safe operation and ventilation. Have duct work inspected to make sure kicking that furnace on isn’t going to cause a dust storm in your house, and to make sure the warm air is moving as intended.

🍁Have your Chimney, Roof and Gutters Inspected

Chimney, roof and gutter issues can wreak havoc during the winter season. Take care of it now! Make sure your chimney is in tip-top shape for ventilation, and ensure your roof and gutters are up for the winter weather.

🍁Trim Trees and Landscaping Prep

Take care of any fall clean up to avoid a stressful spring. Make sure any dead branches or trees are trimmed so that high winds or heavy snow do not send them flying.  Plan your landscaping changes, and move anything recommended during the fall season.

🍁Service your Garage Door

Do not get stuck this winter! Having a routine garage door fall maintenance call before anything serious is wrong, can save you big in the long run.

🍁Clean and Service Appliances

This is just a great way to stay on top of annual tasks – but we are more likely to be indoors and using our appliances in the wintertime! From washing bigger, bulkier clothing to running the oven more – Make sure your appliances are in good working order.

🍁Attic Ventilation / Insulation

A big one, but of great benefit – Having a peek around your attic is a great idea in the fall.  Temperatures are cooler so attics are not as miserable, and you want to be sure your ventilation and insulation are ready for another winter season.

Enjoy the beautiful weather we have in the week ahead, and get going on that fall maintenance project list!

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