Downsizing for Moving

Purging Like a Pro

Downsizing for moving is typically thought of as an awful, emotional experience.  Let’s face it, we like our stuff! There are many reasons our customers have had to downsize before a move.  Deciding what to keep and what to toss can be a bit less painful with our help!

downsizing for movingDownsizing 101: How to keep your sanity while downsizing for moving

Phase 1:

Take a good look around and start with a level head! While many of us have treasured belongings, there are also likely many things you can part with easily. Have an old blanket you’ve always hated? Furniture that’s past it’s prime? Items you bought and literally never touched?  These are the good places to start.  Start with stuff that is not emotional. Weed out the easy items first!

Before anything goes in the trash, we recommend just designating a ‘purge pile’ somewhere in your home.  So as not to be confused with essentials during the packing process, clearly mark and communicate with any house mates and/or family that these items are downsizing for moving. Don’t toss it to the curb quite yet!

Phase 2:

Think about items you simply will not need in your new home.  Whether you are limited by space, or just simply moving to a different type of home – Let go of the items that will no longer serve a purpose!  Buying a condo? Ditch the mower and lawn equipment!  Moving to a trendy downtown loft? Get rid of anything that doesn’t match your new digs. New job? Eliminate your home office. You get the picture! It is very likely that your new home and current home will have some different needs, decor styles, etc.

The Final Stretch to Downsize

Phase 3:

Here is the hard stuff.  Parting with items you like, may need, and may regret.  Lesson 1, remember it is just stuff!  If you can potentially save the costs of having an outside storage unit – Or you just really have no option but to downsize, this is the hardest part.

Get creative first.  Can you expand your storage in any way?  Think about under-the-bed storage, more creative hanging space, etc.  Try to maximize your new abode as much as possible.

Once you have really given it some thought, start to go through your belongings one by one.  Try not to think about the cost paid, and focus more on what the items mean to you and how likely it is you will really need and/or want them.

Put the emotional side of things to work in your favor!  Does your mom, sister, cousin, BFF, etc love something of yours? Give it away! You’ll still get to enjoy it, know it is being enjoyed and still freeing up the space.

Recoup some costs by selling items on Facebook BST groups, consignment stores and even to companies like ours!

Donate to local organizations, you’d be amazed at how your items can be put to use! Furniture, clothing, toys and more are great for shelters like Forbes house.  Blankets, towels and bedding are appreciated at animal shelters and rescue groups! There is always a group in need.

While we may all be collectors by nature, downsizing can have great benefits! A smaller move requires a smaller budget, and you can save thousands annually by not having a storage unit.  Take a deep breath, give yourself time and start purging like a pro!