DIY Home Inspection Checklist

Planning a Move? Do Your Own Home Inspection to Start

Home inspection is a part of nearly every home sale. If you are planning to put your home on the market, get ready ahead of time by running through a checklist of common inspection items! Preparing and repairing or updating necessary items can save you big in the long run, and will help to avoid delays and issues when it comes time to sell. Get to checking!

Home Inspection Checklist Items to Consider

Outside your home

Roof, siding, soffits Inspect for damage, missing shingles, missing siding panels, etc. All soffits should be properly ventilated.

Driveways and sidewalks Depending on your city code, cracks and sloping my be an issue during a home inspection.

Drainage Proper drainage of your yard, including proper slope away from your foundation and proper direction of gutter downspouts.

Foundation Cracks, shifting or unevenness

Exterior Structures Sheds, garages and barns will all be inspected

Railings and Fences Proper railings for decks and stairs, as well as all fences are inspected

Special considerations: Lead paint, Asbestos, septics and wells Lead paint abatement, asbestos abatement, septic inspections and maintenance records and well functionality would all come under inspection.

Inside your home

Plumbing Proper plumbing, proper drainage, proper water flow and no leaks.

Electrical Proper electrical code including GFCIs and fire / smoke detectors

Walls and Ceilings Inspect for cracks or water spots

Windows and Doors Proper closing as well as window and door quality – Improper closing may indicate foundation or structure issues.

Pests All pests can be concerning in a home inspection, but termites are a special consideration and may require disclosure and treatment records.

HVAC and Air Quality Age and proper working order for all HVAC systems and ductwork.

Mold / Water Damage Inspect for signs of mold or current / old water damage and water stains.

Attic  Proper insulation and ventilation.

Basement Check for moisture, water damage, foundational cracks.

Appliances If included, appliances must function properly

You may also be required to provide age and service records for appliances, septic systems, HVAC systems, water tanks and more. Prepare ahead of time for a smooth home inspection!