Different Types of Moving Estimates

Moving Estimates

The Different Types of Moving Estimates and an Explanation of Each!

Many types of estimates exist when scheduling and planning your next big move! It is important to understand the differences of each, as well as the information that is required to be provided within the state of Ohio by the PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio).

A Non-Binding Written Estimate: When planning your move, it is common that a representative of the moving company will complete a visual inspection of the items that you will be moving. This is the basis for the non-binding written estimate, and if a fee is assessed for the inspection, then that fee is applied toward your final bill if the move is completed. It is also possible to waive the inspection, and you can do so by indicating on the estimate itself when signing.

A Binding Written Estimate: Your chosen moving company cannot exceed the amount that was stated in your moving estimate.

A Guaranteed-not-to-Exceed Written Estimate: Specifies the highest amount that can be charged for your move.

All moving estimates will include information such as the moving service provider’s full contact information, PUCO number, and the date of your estimate. In addition, your name and contact information, as well as your acceptance signature, is also a part of every completed estimate.  Other information, such as your destination(s), payment process, dates, and any items that are damaged or broken prior to services being provided, is also a part of the estimate. Mileage, weight, any storage costs, deposit information, and the type of insurance coverage chosen for your goods are also included.

An oral estimate should only ever be given if the total cost for your move is less that $500, or for short-notice moves that may take place in less than five days of you contacting a moving company. Any additional services that you may add require an agreed upon addendum, and not an oral estimate, regardless of the add-on value.

Knowing what to expect for your next move is key! Do the necessary research and select a company that follows the proper procedures for operation.  Get start with a free moving estimate today!

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