The Cost of Vehicle Transportation

cost of vehicle transportation
Closed Trailer Transport

Determining the Cost of Your Vehicle Transportation 

If you’re relocating due to work or family, you will most likely need to ship your vehicle to your new location. A common question from our customers is how we determine the price of transporting your car or vehicle to your new location. When we quote your vehicle transportation, we always factor in the following points to determine a fair price.


We will determine the location and distance that your vehicle will need to travel. Oftentimes, moving your vehicle from one major city to another is going to be cheaper due to the easy access of major freeways. The location of both pick-up and drop-off will be a key factor when determining your price of transport.

Vehicle Type

The make and model of your vehicle is also going to be a very important aspect in determining the price of your vehicle transport. If you’re transporting a small Sedan, the cost of transportation is going to be slightly less than a full-sized truck or car. The vehicle type also plays a role in the type of insurance you’d like on your transport. Insurance on transporting a Porsche is slightly higher than the insurance on transporting a Chevy Cavalier.

Type of Transport

There are two different types of vehicle transport that we offer. Open-trailer transportation is the most popular and generally less expensive than close-trailer transportation. Our open-trailer transport is great for transporting your car when you’re not worried about traveling through harsh weather. Closed-trailer transport is commonly used for luxury, sports, or classic cars and vehicles. Closed-trailer transport is slightly more expensive due to the costs associated with a heavier trailer and a better service for your vehicle. Determining what type of transport you need will play a role in the final price of your transportation service.

Price of Fuel

The current price on fuel will play a role into determining the cost of your vehicle transportation. The quickly changing fuel market is always something to consider when determining the cost. If you’re moving across the country, our staff prepares a gas analysis sheet in order to properly quote your transport.

If you’re in need of long distance or local vehicle transportation, then please give Moving Ahead Services a call at 1-877-643-4044. Our staff is ready to take down your details and offer you a quote on your first call.

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