Our Crating Services

Crating for MoversThough we promise to handle each and every one of your possessions with utmost care and respect, accidents still happen and we can’t always control the shifting of objects while they’re in the truck. If you have certain belongings that are particularly fragile, however, you can request our crating services, which allow us to secure your extra brittle or expensive items in a much more secure way by building crates that will adhere to the precise shape, size, and measurements of these items. Crating will prevent these items from being jostled around or shifting position, and from there, we can secure the crate to the truck so that the crate itself won’t move.

We often suggest crating for artwork, mirrors, glass objects, statues, and sculptures, though mirrors and any glass products are what we recommend crating most, especially for long-distance moves.

Crating is great for office equipment or work items that you are responsible for. Say, for instance, that you work for an art museum and there are expensive, delicate, or important pieces of art that need transported to a different museum for a temporary exhibit. Even though you aren’t conducting a complete relocation, you can contact Moving Ahead Services and have us take charge of moving these art pieces or at least just have us crate them for you so that you can transport them carefully. Or, perhaps you work with large technological devices or equipment that needs to go back and forth between locations on a regular basis. You can have us create customized crates for you to use every time the equipment needs to be taken to its other location, and you can keep these crates until they become too worn and you need new ones.

Our custom crating service idea stemmed from witnessing various events of the previously described nature in our company’s early days. We saw important objects get handled very carefully yet still face damage simply because there wasn’t a viable means of packing and transporting them. We spotted a problem, and we came up with a solution, because at Moving Ahead Services, we want to improve each and every aspect of a relocation until we can provide you with the perfect moving experience.

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