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Competitive Storage Options – Save Money on Storage!

In America, there are currently 49,233 self-storage operations. With so many self-storage options you’re probably wondering where to start!

Storage units are more than 3 walls and a door, they are investments for your property, and picking an affordable one can store away your stress as well! To find out what you need to know when searching for competitive and cost-effective storage options, continue reading!

Size-Based Storage Options

Though there are many options, the most important factors are size and purpose.

We at Moving Ahead Services offer small and large types of storage options for boats, vehicles, and even files for selection ease. An onsite expert will also help you make the best selection for your storage needs. This is crucial since buying a unit too small or too big can cost you more money in relocation and rental fees.

You’ll want to make sure it’s big enough to allow you to access your belongings, but not too big you’re paying to store air! If you underestimate your size needs you may have to rent out a second unit or get a new one entirely. Not only does this create more moving hassles, but extra insurance may need to be purchased.

Accessible Storage Options

Other competitive factors to cut storage costs are facility location and accessibility.

If you’re moving and want to store items in your original or new location, having the unit in an ideal area will save you time, gas, and money. For easy access, we have units in main cities like Tampa, Lakeland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.

Besides the address, to avoid making the wrong investment you need to be certain that the company’s hours match your schedule. If certain warehouses or units have restricted access, it’s a great security measure but operation hours may be an obstacle.

Affordable Options With Amenities

The best way to figure out how to save money on self-storage costs is to find an affordable storage unit that also offers features like security.

Our standard 250 cubic feet units cost $75 monthly and have all-day surveillance, climate control, and security systems! Other places may not offer these amenities and charge up to $171 for the same sized unit. Security is still a huge concern for renters, so picking a safely located and maintained facility will save you replacement costs.

Some places even have onsite experts that help you pick the best insurance plan. However, protecting your items initially with things like climate control will prevent any pain or costs with damages.

We Offer Competitive Storage Options

Moving Ahead Services is the best way to store away your belongings instead of your money!

Our dedicated customer service team can help you from one of our many U.S. locations. From furniture storage to long-distance moves, we will find a way to make it as easy as possible!

For questions or more storage options information, contact us today!