Cleveland Rocks: Moving Cleveland People the Cleveland Way

Truly determining the quality behind a moving company is difficult to do until you actually have an experience with that company, and if you have a negative experience with said company, then all you can do from there is make the decision not to use that company’s services in the future and perhaps warn others of your experience.

Our customer service crew at Moving Ahead Services can reiterate that we’re a fast, affordable, and efficient company until they’re blue in the face, but at some point or another, you’re just going to have to use whatever knowledge you have to decide whether or not our services will fit your needs.

If you’ve searched through our reviews and spoken with our representatives but are still hesitant, then you may want to hear about some of the people that we’ve been serving recently, like actress Monica Potter and radio stars Alan Cox and Erika Lauren Wasilewski of the Alan Cox Show.

While we don’t believe that a celebrity’s opinion should matter any more or less than any other customer, we do realize that their feedback may carry a little more weight for some people—not because they’re famous, but because they are affluent enough to be able to acquire the highest quality of services, and because they are Clevelanders.

If you consider the fact that people who undoubtedly have enough money to afford much more expensive moving companies chose us, then you can logically reason that they went with the company that would deliver the most efficiency rather than the company that cost the most.

Not only that, but Monica, Alan, and Erika are all active Clevelanders who are very supportive of the Cleveland community. Since we are headquartered in Cleveland, many of our customers are from the area or looking for feedback from people of the area. While Monica may be more difficult for general audiences to get to know because the most access that one has to her is through her movies, where she typically portrays fictional characters, you can listen to Alan and Erika have conversations on the radio every weekday from 3 P.M. to 7 P.M. So, even if you don’t know them intimately, you can still gain a sense of their honesty and sense of caring about Cleveland through their live conversations. By simply looking at online reviews from strangers, you can only guess whether the person who left a review is trustworthy or unreasonable.

It is also worth noting that Alan only decided to move with our company after Erika experienced our services. Erika did, generously, do a radio commercial about our services and what a great job we did with her move, but she was under no obligation to give Alan positive feedback on her own terms while off the air. Yet, she did, and the next thing we knew, we were getting an inquiry from Alan just a few short weeks after completing Erika’s move.

Each of these people has been great to work with, being humble, kind, and reasonable customers just like you probably are. We don’t bring up the jobs we did for them to brag or to suggest that having famous customers is important, but to show you that we have attracted the attention of people whose insight you may value and who chose us for our quality and care rather than going with a big-money, corporate identity. After all, Moving Ahead Services is based in Cleveland, a city full of loyal and hardworking citizens, and we know just how much Clevelanders value the insight of fellow Clevelanders.

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