Clean Up with a Moving Sale

Moving Sale!With the summer months here, it is a great time of year to plan a moving sale in the months leading up to your big move! Even if you are just moving across town, having a moving sale can be a great way to reduce the items in your move, make some extra money and avoid moving things you don’t need in the long run.

Plan Your Moving Sale It’s a good idea to start planning your moving sale a few months prior to the time you will be moving.  This gives you plenty of time to organize, pack up items you aren’t using every day, take inventory and start to collect the goods you’d like to sell.  By giving yourself ample time, you can avoid adding even more stress to your move plans!  Try to time up your sale with neighborhood garage sale events or for non-holiday weekends.

Evaluate Your Household Items Moving expenses can add up, whether or not you hire pros or go the DIY route.  By really being honest with yourself on the stuff you use, and don’t use, can be a huge help when it comes to reducing costs on your move – and for having a successful moving sale!  Folks are attracted to moving sale vs. garage sale in many instances because there is the notion that there will likely be more than the average yard sale.  Don’t get rid of items just to get rid of them, but rather focus on the stuff that you haven’t used in the last year, clothing that doesn’t fit, kids toys that they’ve outgrown, and even household items and decor that aren’t a great match for your new place.

Have a Moving Sale Masterpiece! With the internet, marketing moving sales is easier than ever!  Groups on Facebook, free Craigslist ads and other alternatives are great, affordable ways to get the word out on your sale.  Chances are, family and friends will even be eager to pitch in and help for first dibs on the items you are parting with!  Make pricing easy by grouping things in sections rather than individually pricing, and give yourself plenty of time for set up and rain back up plans.

Help Out The Community Typically, even the most successful moving sales will have items left over.  If you really are ready to part, consider donating to local organizations to benefit those in need!  Shelters, Salvation Army and many other organizations will appreciatively accept any donations you can share.

Planning a moving sale shouldn’t add to the stress of your move plans, and is a great way to gather some extra cash while cleaning out the clutter and items you just no longer need!

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