Choose a Long Distance Moving Company

How to Select a Long Distance Moving Company

People move from state to state and across the country for a variety of reasons.  Being close to family. Transferring your job. Change of scenery and weather, these are all common reasons. Individuals and families relocate out of their current area more frequent than you may think!  Moving a far distance definitely has its’ own unique set of demands. Choosing the right long distance moving company is key.

Criteria for Selecting a Long Distance Moving Company

Trust and experience is the number one priority for any long distance relocation.  While these aspects are important in local moving, you are likely more involved from start to finish. Local moving means complete control selecting and working with your service providers.  When you choose a long distance moving company, there are a number of variables that need to be considered.

  1. Reputation: Your long distance movers must have a proven track record for accurately quoting, and successfully planning and completing long distance moves.
  2. Insurance and Licensing: Your service provider should be registered with state agencies that recognize travel and transport operation.  This ensures proper insurance is in place, and often a higher standard of hiring and training employees.
  3. Attention to Detail: Local moving will commonly take hours, whereas long distance moving company professionals will have your belongings in their care for days.  Packing, loading, travel and communication expertise are critical in any long distance move!

How to Plan Your Move

Deciding where you are moving and your moving dates are always the first step.  At Moving Ahead Services, we provide relocation services for customers moving into and moving out of Ohio.  It may make sense to choose a moving company in your current local area, or it may be more beneficial to choose a company in your destination area!

As a preferred long distance moving company for individuals and corporations, our process always begins with a thorough evaluation of your plans and your belongings.  This allows us to accurately plan and price your big move.  Be wary of companies that require cash deposit, or that have no online presence and don’t seem to be concerned with the details of your move.

Long distance moving can be easy and stress-free with the right professionals on your side.  Get a free moving quote today!