Celebrating Christmas While Moving

Celebrating Christmas

December isn’t exactly the ideal month for moving, mostly because of the weather and the craziness of the holidays. When you have presents to purchase and family to visit, to say that completing a move during such a hectic time will be challenging would be an understatement. However, various situations, usually work related, can render moving around Christmas very necessary. You may not have a choice.

If you end up moving a long distance, celebrating Christmas may have to be spent on the road. This may not be the most welcoming prospect. There are ways that you can still make a Christmas on the road enjoyable.

1. Research a Hotel

Try to ascertain how long you will be on the road for, where you will be on which days, and which hotels will be available to you. Once you’ve figured out where exactly you’ll be on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas day, research each of the hotels that are in that area and choose one that is warm and comfortable. If you have kids, you can probably find hotels that host various Christmas activities for guests, such as special dinners or plays. If there are no special activities, then find a comfortable and spacious room that perhaps features a fireplace or hot tub for some soothing amenities. You may also want to try to aim for a hotel that is located near open grocery or drug stores so that you can purchase food or other items that may help with your Christmas endeavors.

2. Pack Presents

Be sure to get all of your Christmas shopping done before the move and have your wrapped presents in the car with you and your family in a bag or a box. If you have little ones who still believe in Santa, hide the presents with a blanket and sneak them into the hotel room after they’ve gone to sleep. You can even bring stockings and maybe a little miniature tree that you can set up in your hotel room. Then, lay the presents out on the floor somewhere out of the way so that they can be opened the next morning. Just because you’re in a hotel for Christmas doesn’t mean that you and your family have to miss out on exchanging gifts.

3. Decide a Meal and Entertainment

If the hotel isn’t hosting a Christmas dinner for guests to enjoy, you can always have room service send some of their most festive foods up to the room. You can also run to the nearest open store and pick up some cookies, candy canes, or other holiday goodies that you would set out if you were spending Christmas in your actual home. As far as bringing the Christmas spirit to the hotel room, you can bring a laptop with a Christmas playlist in your music library and play music from the laptop, perhaps playing the music while eating or opening gifts. You are also more than likely to find some sort of Christmas movie or special on the T.V., or you can order a Christmas movie offered by the hotel for a small charge.

Still Celebrating

Spending Christmas on the road may not be easy. It may not sound as fun as having relatives over to your home for some ham and eggnog, but why not make the most of it by following some of our mentioned ideas? Celebrating Christmas in a hotel is better than not celebrating it at all, especially if you have kids, and if any of those kids still believe in Santa. Rather than making it seem as if you and your family are missing out. Try to take on the perspective of having a Christmas adventure that no one else your kids know will get to experience.

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