Buying a Home with Kids

Choosing Your Family Home

Buying a home with kids isn’t always a walk in the park. For many first time home buyers, purchasing a home for young kids adds an extra element of stress into the mix.  Choosing your family home is tough work!  We recently provided with a round up of tips to help in the selection process. From location to school systems, home features and budget – All of these factors come together to start and ultimately finish your home search.

Buying a Home with Kids – What to consider

buying a home with kidsWhere you choose to purchase a home is a big decision. Many base their sole decision on the school system or proximity to private schools! From the closeness to friends and family, to the neighborhood and access to stores and parks – Having a punch list of features that your location must have is critical.

Features in a home are another huge factor.  Choosing a home that fits your likes and needs is important.  Don’t get carried away with Pinterest day dreams, but keep a practical list!  From the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, to house design and storage. It all matters!

Budget is often another large concern for purchasing a family home. Your budget is a big deal!  From having lovely (expensive) children, to planning monthly expenses and saving for the future – Your budget is incredibly important!

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