Beyond Home Inspections

If these walls could talk – Tips to take you beyond your home inspection

home inspectionHome inspections serve a variety of purposes!  After all, buying a home is likely the single largest investment many of us make in a lifetime.  A home inspection is one step to ensuring you are investing wisely!  Licensed individuals that specialize in evaluating and reporting issues and concerns are critical to a successful home sale (And often, even a mortgage loan!)

While a home inspection will cover serious fundamentals like foundation, structural security and more – What about the BIG factors that are not on the list? Here are our top tips for seeing past a home inspection and making sure you cover all of your bases before you sign on the dotted line.

Top Things to Check Beyond Home Inspections – What a Normal Home Inspection Does Not Cover

  1. Pests
  2. Landscaping and grounds
  3. Plumbing  / HVAC
  4. Appliances
  5. Roofing and Flooring

At the very least, some of these items may be a factor in your closing costs and negotiations.  At the very worst, these may lead to COSTLY expenses down the line.

Covering What Home Inspections Do Not Cover

Pests – Termites are the number one pest not covered by a home inspection – But there can be other trouble makers too! From carpenter ants or bees and more – Having a pest problem can cause trouble and damage that a normal home inspection will not cover.

Landscaping and Grounds – Plan to add-on later? Have hills and valleys, or seeing drainage issues?  Concerned about tree roots or other landscaping problems? Having an additional inspection to cover concerns related to exterior structure, landscaping and more can save you in the long run!

Plumbing and HVAC (And even some electrical) – While many inspectors cover some of the basics, often plumbing and HVAC systems may not be on the list.  From the age of your furnace to the details in your plumbing, these can be unforeseen expenses down the road.

Appliances – Sometimes the details of major appliances are factored into the sale of your home – But aside from basic age, there is nothing detailed in most home inspection reports! If the appliances are factoring into your decision – Or are not factored into your budget, this may be worth a second look!

Roofing and Flooring – Aside from obvious damage from leaks or flooding, roofing and flooring issues can cost you big in the future.  From rotting subfloor to major roofing and joist issues – Take extra care to explore before signing on the dotted line!

Fingers crossed that your home inspection goes off with out a hitch!  Give us a call for a free moving quote!