Moving Supplies

Be Prepared: Buy the Right Moving Boxes

Are you stressed out due to an upcoming move? Are you worried about breaking items or damage issues in your relocation? Starting with the right moving boxes and supplies will save you a lot of time and help prevent damage too! 

First, create a checklist.

The first step to effectively pack your stuff is to think about which supplies you need for the packing. For this, you must make a checklist of which types/sizes of moving boxes you need. For example, you may need electronics boxes, lamp boxes, dish barrels, bulk cargo boxes, mirror boxes, file record boxes, and several small, medium, large, or X-large boxes. Create an inventory of your items to help determine the number of boxes you will need. We recommend over-estimating! 

10 Great Options for Moving Boxes

Here are the ten great options you must look into for packing your stuff before leaving moving.

  1. 24″ Grand wardrobe w/bar
  2. Bulk Cargo Box
  3. Large Box
  4. Medium Box
  5. Legal Box with handles
  6. Record File Box
  7. Student apartment kit
  8. 3-4 Bedroom house kit
  9. 3000+sq.ft. household kit

Why are these great options for moving? 

All of the above-listed ten items (and many more) are great options for moving because they will allow you to pack and unpack without damage safely. All of our boxes are mover verified and double-walled to make a safe moving environment. 

Make sure to use packing supplies properly!

When you have all the accessories and boxes to pack your stuff like a professional, it’s crucial to pack the items properly. Keep in mind the following essential tips to effectively pack everything. 

  • Always use the relevant moving boxes for each item. Do not use large boxes for smaller items or small boxes for more oversized items. 
  • Do not overload the stuff in a box. Put your items in according to the size and capacity of the box. 
  • Use bubble wrap for delicate items, and learn the proper techniques of shrink wrap and packing pads.
  • Always use heavy-duty packaging tape instead of regular tape to close the boxes. 
  • Don’t forget to write the labels on all boxes.