Avoiding Traffic on I-77 North

Nightmare Traffic Delays on I-77N

Traffic on I-77 North is notorious for delays during the summer season, particularly as it relates to the borders of Virginia and West Virginia and the mountain tunnels. This gridlock back up can add literal hours onto your trip. While it’s a simple merge to single lane, the amount of traffic bottlenecks at warp speed and can mean you and your family sit for hours. Speaking from experience, it’s almost wise to ALWAYS avoid this area on a trip back up North. Our drivers prefer the detour options and play it safe!

Avoid the traffic on I-77 North by taking this alternate route!

– As you approach the merger of I-77 and I-81, take exit 32 to merge onto I-81 North toward Roanoke.

– 16.5 miles later, take exit 98 for VA-100 North toward Dublin/Pearisburg.

– Take Route 100 North for almost 25 miles (through Pearisburg).

– Keep left at the fork towards US 460 West.

– In 23 miles, turn right to re-enter I-77 North.

What to do if Traffic on I-77 North is at a Standstill

Traffic on I-77 NorthIf you’re heading North returning home from a great trip to say North Carolina, South Carolina, etc – And you don’t take the detour, you may end up seriously stuck in traffic on I-77 North. If you decide to risk it, here are some tips!

Use Technology – Apple Maps, Waze and other great traffic technology is at our fingertips. Check before your trip and do some research and proactive planning. If there’s a chance you’re going to get stuck – Skip it and take the detour!

Get off the freeway – If you’ve decided not to heed the warnings and end up getting stuck, our drivers recommend getting off the highway. If for nothing else than a chance to stock up, gas up, etc. it can save at least a little sanity!

Stock Up – Ensure you have ample water, food, gas etc.

Pay Attention – Stop and go gridlock traffic can be riddled with accidents. Drivers not paying attention can cause chain accidents that are very difficult for emergency responders to get to. Pay attention!


Travel safe out there this summer!