Planning Your Move

7 Time & Space Saving Packing Tips

When it comes to moving, saving space can save you money. Read more to learn about our 7 best time and space saving tips!

Nesting Dolls

Did you just visualize the colorful wooden Russian Matryoshka dolls?  If so, then you understand the space-saving tip already!  Stack similar items within themselves.  Pots and pans are an obvious choice for this concept.  Smaller pots can easily fit within larger ones, and this reduces the cumulative space the item takes up.  Also, pots and pans are not fragile, relatively speaking.  They can be nested without risking damage.

Roll your clothes

Rolling clothes, instead of folding them, saves a surprising amount of packing space when moving.  For certain articles, rolling instead of folding is preferable for preventing wrinkles.  T-Shirts, casual pants like denim and sweats, swimsuits, cotton dresses – these items are better candidates for the rolling method compared to bulky sweaters or heavy coats.

Wardrobe Boxes

Any even quicker method to moving clothing is to keep them on hangers and use Wardrobe Boxes.  You eliminate the need for removing items from a hanger, folding (or rolling) them into a separate container, and then having to rehang them on the other end of your move.  When you’re preparing for a move and counting for how many Wardrobe boxes you may need, remember to count all the closets in your current home, including bedrooms and foyer closets holding coats and jackets. Extra space.

Vacuum sealing

Vacuum Sealing can be a great solution for saving space when moving clothing, but it is an almost essential for moving bulky bed linens, including comforters and pillows.  Vacuum sealing removes the air pockets that settle between even the smallest fibers, so your vacuum sealed down comforter goes from being two-feet thick when folded (requiring its own box) to a few inches think when sealed and finished.  This saves twice: on space for transporting and for the extra box!  You can also vacuum seal food for transporting to preserve it.  Another alternative is to donate any food you don’t want to move to Move for Hunger, a nonprofit of which Moving Ahead Services supports. Move for Hunger will take you leftover food and make sure if goes to needy members of the community, while saving you the extra time, effort, and expenses of moving food.   

Plastic Wrap (Avoid Spills)

Like Vacuum sealing, using Plastic Wrap for moving is an innovative way to save time and hassle.  Movers have wrapped upholstered furniture in plastic to protect it from any damage that comes from handling.  Plastic wrap can also keep out critters and nesting animals if a piece of furniture needs to go into long-term storage.   Plastic can be used to keep drawers from sliding out of a dresser during a move and, like bubble wrap, can keep table legs together in one unit or even wrapped up on the underside to keep disassembled pieces from becoming separated.

Wrap drawers

Wrapping your drawers will save you time on re-packing, but also ensure that your items stay in their proper home. Wrapping will save time for your movers too, just make sure that it’s not overpacked!

Packing supplies

Use them. Boxes, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, and protective wraps. Using the right supplies will save you time and damages. Check out our online moving supply store!