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7 Qualities to Look for When Hiring Long Distance Movers

Planning a long-distance move can place a lot of stress on anyone. You’ll need to begin changing your address with the post office, your bills, and your utilities. You’ll also need to plan on making a change to a new job or school as well.

Aside from all of these new changes going on around you, you’ll also need to prepare to pack up the entire house and move your belongings to your new home. With the right long distance movers, though, you can make the process a simple and stress-free one.

How will you determine which moving company is the right one for you and your moving needs? In the guide below, there are several factors to consider when selecting moving services. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about finding a quality moving company.

1. Flexibility

The best long distance movers will offer flexibility. Moving is a complicated task. There are lots of factors to consider that can change at any given moment.

This is why flexibility is so important when hiring a moving company.

Will you need to book their services months in advance? Can you contact them with changes to your schedule without a hassle?

You’ll want to find a company that allows you to make changes when needed while still keeping you at the top of their priority list. They’ll work with you to fit your needs and will make the moving process much easier for you.

2. Variety of Services

The next thing you want to look at is the type of services they offer. Consider all of the different types of help you might need during your move. For example, does the company offer packing services, a driver, moving labor, handyman services, and more?

The right company for you will offer a variety of services to ensure your move is as enjoyable as possible. With all the right services, you won’t have to worry about the most difficult parts of moving. Professional movers can pack up your current home using professional packing supplies for you, load your items (even large items like pianos and safes) into a moving truck, remove any junk items no longer wanted, store items for you, and even drive all your belongings to the new location.

Be sure to learn what different services the company offers before choosing them for the job.

3. Great Communication

Great communication is something every business needs to have. This is even more necessary for moving companies. You’re most likely already feeling overwhelmed, flustered, and pulled in several directions.

The moving company you hire shouldn’t add to any of these emotions. Instead, they should use their professional communication skills to help ease some of these feelings. With the right communication skills, your movers will have the correct move date and location to unpack at.

If there are any uncertainties, then they’ll address them with you to ensure everything is sorted out correctly.

4. Documents and Insures

A good moving company will also document and insure everything. Some mistakes might happen during the move, which isn’t uncommon. What matters most is how the moving service handles the mistakes.

A company that documents everything during the move will have a better chance of catching their mistakes and knowing exactly how to correct them. What will need to be documented? The following are several things that your moving company might document:

  • pick-up and drop-off times
  • pick-up and drop-off locations
  • number of moving boxes
  • boxes that require special handling
  • special instructions given by the client

Having all of this documentation will reduce the number of mistakes made and the time it takes to correct them.

5. Good Reviews and Recommendations

Before you hire any new services or purchase any new product, what’s one of the first things you do? Many people will look at reviews before making a final decision. This is also something you can do before hiring a moving company.

Look on the company’s website and social media pages for reviews left by past clients. You can also check third-party sites for reviews as well.

Another option you have is to speak with friends and family members about moving services they worked with in the past. They’ll be able to give you honest feedback and reviews.

6. Experience and Certification

Experience in long-distance moving is essential. A company with several years of experience working with long-distance moves gives them an upper hand in certain situations. Moving items such a far distance takes great care to ensure no items are damaged along the way.

There are also small details about the move that’ll need to be kept in line. When you hire an experienced mover to do the hard work for you, you can sit back, relax, and focus on other things while having peace of mind.

7. Moving Rates

The last thing to consider is the moving rates. You don’t want to start narrowing down your list of possible movers by looking at the rates. Sometimes, companies will offer amazing rates, but if it seems too good to be true, then it most likely is.

Wait until you’ve used the other factors listed above to narrow your search down to your top three picks. Then you can compare the moving rates to determine the best choice for you.

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With the help of this guide, you’ll find the best long distance movers in no time! Use the information listed here to determine if a moving company is right for your moving needs.

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