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7 Essential Tips for Your Long-Distance Move

Did you know that around 3 million Americans move interstate each year? Preparing for a long-distance move may be one of the most exciting, yet scary things that you do.

There is so much potential in what the new area holds, and how it can positively impact your life. Yet, there is the lingering anxiety of how the move itself will go.

There are many variables to consider when you are moving far. Things like how you will transport your items, what to bring, and ways to save money will be hot topics in your brain. Read on to learn how to move long-distance in the least stressful way!

1. Begin Planning Once You Decide on the Move

Time is your best asset when you have decided on pursuing a long-distance move. Begin planning as soon as you decide to make the switch because some variables can take months to set into place.

First, secure your housing early on to ensure that you will have a safe, comfortable place to live. Knowing that you will have a nice space to sleep at night takes a lot of uncertainty out of the process.

Once you understand where you will be living, you can make a packing plan! Pack lightly, planning to not use all of your space in the new home. Leave plenty of room for decorations and things you acquire along the way.

If you are moving to a location and unsure of your work situation, make early attempts to find a job you are happy with. This will allow you to relax once you are there and settle into your new life, without scrambling to find work.

2. Choose a Great Moving Company to Lessen the Stress

Partnering with the right moving company can make all the difference to your moving experience. When you have movers with the right equipment that you can trust, much of the stress is taken away from you.

Our team at Moving Ahead Services are local and long-distance movers that can help with everything from packing, storage unit rental, and rental truck driving. Check out our services to see if we may be a great fit for your next move.

3. Downsize Before You Pack

We know this is not everyone’s favorite tip- getting rid of things before a move can feel stressful and rushed. However, when giving yourself plenty of time, downsizing can be a rejuvenating and productive process.

Consolidate your items into what you would like to throw away, donate, or sell. This will help you to chip away over the next few items on getting rid of items so that you have more space for what you want to bring.

4. Spend the Money on Moving Insurance

Have you ever heard of moving insurance? Basically, it reimburses you if your goods are lost or damaged during a move by a professional company. It is a great idea to invest in, regardless of how far you are moving.

There are many different packages depending on your scope of items, and where you are moving to. Learn more about moving insurance here, and how it may help your journey.

5. Know the Specifics of Where You Are Moving Into

As mentioned earlier, it is very helpful to have your living space decided well before you move in. This helps you to plan for the kind of space you will have, and what you should/ should not bring.

For example, if you are moving into a studio apartment, you should probably leave that grand piano behind. However, if a four-bedroom house is an accommodation, you can be much more generous about how much you bring.

6. Keep All Essential Items With You, Not Packed Away

This is an important piece that is easy to forget in the craziness of a far move! Take care to not pack away items that you may need along the way. Depending on how you are traveling, this could include your license, passport, birth certificate, social security card, or any other documentation.

Be sure to also keep important items like your wallet, medications, and simple cosmetic products in reach. Being able to reach these daily necessities during a stressful moving process can make things go a bit smoother.

7. Choose to Move During the New Area’s Off-Season if Possible

This is a tip that many people do not think of because they often do not have the luxury of choosing when to move. However, if you are someone who has time on their side, wait until a quieter season to do your big move. This will save you tremendous money.

Moving companies sometimes have different rates depending on the business of a season. Also, local areas in your new community like hotels and restaurants that you need to lean on as you move may have a steep uptick in price.

Finally, choosing to make the transition in a quieter time of year makes the process less stressful. There will be fewer people on the road, making for a more seamless move.

Good Luck With Your Long-Distance Move

Thank you for learning how to do a successful long-distance move with us. These are a few of our favorite tips, and we hope that you feel a bit more confident about this upcoming journey. Moving can be exciting and scary, but with the right preparation, you will be well equipped to have a smooth move.

Looking for professional movers to join you and make the process even easier? Our crew at Moving Ahead Services would love to help you with our comprehensive menu of services! Check out our locations today to see if we may be the right fit for you.