5 Reasons You May Need Storage

The Top 5 Reasons You May Need Storage

Storage is often a big part of moving and understanding your options is key. A big part of deciding what type of storage you need can be from the “WHY” you need storage in the first place!

Selling / Buying / Staging / Real Estate

The housing market is crazy and buying or selling your home can be a bit of a rollercoaster. Whether you have to declutter to sell, put things in storage because your closing to buy was delayed or any other combination of real estate related storage needs!

Decide whether you need climate-controlled or not, decide if on-site will work, or opt to collaborate with a moving company to secure storage and moving services together.


Circling back to the crazy housing market, many folks are opting to stay in place and remodel to accommodate their needs. Remodeling can require workspace and that requires storage! Putting items in storage during your remodel can be a great way to clear space and get things done. Check out our list of restrictions for things you can’t put in storage, and get started planning!

Storage Facility


Downsizing is often associated with seniors and adults that are moving from a large home to a more manageable and smaller living scenario. However, trends for minimalist living and “tiny house” trends are also common causes for downsizing! Why downsize and have to say goodbye? Put your belongings in storage!

Moving in Together

Couples are often associated with moving in together and combining households. In addition to couples, new roommates, blended families and busy professionals are all moving in together and this can require storage space for extra items. From big furniture and appliances to clothes, decor and more – Storage can be a great long or short term option.

Contract Work

Job and professional opportunities are also evolving and it’s not uncommon for individuals to take short term or even “long term” yet temporary employment assignments. Even if you aren’t moving across town or across the country, temporarily relocating for work may require some storage.

Ready to Schedule Storage?

While the reasons you may need storage may vary, needing a quality service provider will not! Give us a call! We can pick up your belongings, transfer them to our secure storage facilities and deliver them when you are ready to have everything returned. Learn more about types of storage and give us a call for a free, full-service storage estimate today! 877-643-4044