10 Moving Regrets

The Top Moving Regrets are NOT Surprising

Moving regrets are common, with over 47% of people citing some sort of regret in a recent Care.com article. That is crazy! With half of the population that has moved regretting it in some form or another, it’s time to grab the bull by the horns and get a realistic picture BEFORE you plan a move.

Being in the business of moving for the last decade + has given us some super power insights into the common exciting parts, and not so exciting parts, of moving. It all boils down to 10 common moving regrets. Remember, when one door closes another opens!

Moving Regrets10 Top Moving Regrets

  1. Wants vs. Needs. A simple concept, but the excitement of moving and the pain points of your current home can mean losing sight of the basics.  Moving is a very big life change, even if you’re going across town. The foundation of your choice comes down to deciding what you really want, what you really need and whether your current home or your new home are going to fulfill it.
  2. Finances. Need we mention the housing crisis? Yikes!  Selling your home and/or relocating can come with a hefty price tag. Buying a new home or renting a new place can also mean increased expenses! Have a very clear idea of budget, transparent expenses and an overall good idea of what your move is going to cost now, and in the long run. Set yourself up for success and make a move that makes sense for you!
  3. Homesick – Literally and figuratively. Being homesick can mean a few different things, but namely a. missing your actual old home and b. all the feels of leaving a place you called home. Your home was a place of comfort and security and leaving it can be emotional. The actual physical changes to your home can also take an emotion toll, which lends to our next point..
  4. Old Home Changes. Your old home will likely undergo changes after the purchase is finalized. Resist the urge to do a drive by (or knock on the door). The new owners may change everything, from exterior and interior design, landscaping and more. In some cases, many individuals are left devastated in the event their old home is torn down to make way for a new home. Remember, this is all part of the package!
  5. Space. Upsize, down size or same size, however you slice it, space is usually a big factor in the equation of moving. Give it a lot of thought!
  6. Home Value Changes. Your old / new home went up/down in value. It happens, sometimes you can predict it and sometimes you can’t – Try not to obsess over it!
  7. New Home Issues / Updates. Your new home, regardless of what the price point is, will likely need some updates to reflect your tastes. However, take care to select a home that doesn’t have major issues or costs as this can be a major source of regret!
  8. Neighborhood – Schools, proximity, friends, etc. Home and the area you are used to will change if you move. Shocker! You’d be surprised how many individuals cite this as their number one regret. Can you stand to part ways with your neighbors, neighbor hood, kids’ schools, etc?
  9. Job. Moving for work can be particularly stressful. Whether you relocated because of a job or you relocated and now are farther from your current job, work should definitely be taken into consideration.
  10. Stress of Moving. Moving is a big change, even if you hire experts to handle the actual move. The stress, fights and emotions that go along with moving can be a big undertaking for families and for individuals. While even an exciting move can be worth the stress, it’s still important to take it into consideration!

There you have it, our top list of moving regrets. Take it or leave it, but this is a good checklist to plan for your move and gauge the things that are going to matter most to YOU! As always, if you are ready to make the move, give us a call or use our easy online form to request a free moving quote!