Relocation SpecialistAre you moving for your company and work?  Is your company relocating you and now you need professional advice on your new locale?  The tasks ahead can be daunting.  Relocation Specialists with Moving Ahead Services can help.  You need information on real estate, neighborhoods, commuting and traffic patterns, in addition to information about local schools, public services, and more.  Before getting bogged down with the decisions ahead, try to embrace your relocation as an opportunity instead of (solely) a source of stress.

Relocation Specialists Make Moving Exciting

Moving can be overwhelming and can be doubly so when it is not by choice.  The thought process that accompanies a voluntary decision to move can for some people take years.  When the moving decision is not your own and the timeframe is short, it can be downright jolting.  If the latter is a similar situation to your own, a deliberate change in perspective can be the difference between loathing your situation and, given some time, loving it.

Moving can be exciting if you think of it as gaining something new: new places, new people, new perspective on your future.  A Moving Ahead Services Relocation Specialist will give you the tactical advice you need, as well as help you visualize your new future.  By happenstance, your move might bring your closer to friends and family.  Your new community may introduce you to a new and diverse culture of people.  Your move may leave you with more take-home pay considering a new cost-of-living. You might have more restaurant and museum options. You might have more green spaces and proximity to parks, water, and nature.  Remember the exciting thing a move can provide; a new future in a new environment.

At Moving Ahead Services we understand as you mentally prepare to relocate, you have the additional concern of maintaining your job and performing well while you transition.  A relocation specialist with Moving Ahead Services can manage the needs and details of your move while you stay focused on your work.

Research and Referrals – Hire Experts

As soon as you know you’re moving, let Moving Ahead Services start working for you.  While our moving crew can do the heavy lifting of packing and moving your items, our Relocation Specialists will do the “heavy lifting” of research and referrals, so you don’t devote excess time to those time-intensive chores.

Our Relocation Specialists can assist with the following tasks, among others:

  • Provide a referral of a trusted real estate agent for selling your current home in your current location, and an agent for finding your new home in your new location.
  • Advise on preparing for your move, and the moving services you may want to consider given your personal circumstance.
  • Advise on local and national permits, including car registration and decal requirements.
  • Advise on visa requirements if your move is overseas.
  • Provide a list of utility service providers, and referrals for other service providers including experts on local tax laws, schools, and voting registration.

Ready to Get Started?  Contact Moving Ahead Services today and learn how a Relocation Specialist can make your move an easy and exciting one!