Patio Furniture StorageLooking to store your outdoor patio furniture for the winter months? Look no further! Moving Ahead Services offers both residential and commercial storage services for your outdoor patio furniture. We understand that you invest a lot into your patio furniture and it’s crucial to take extra precautions to keep it in great shape and ready to use come sprint or summer time.

Our team of movers will come pick-up and safely deliver your furniture for safe storage in our heated, secured, and monitored storage facility. It doesn’t end there though! We’d be happy to return the furniture back to you come spring time.

Why store your patio furniture in the winter months?

No matter what material your furniture is made out of; it generally isn’t a good idea to leave it out all winter. Winter’s are harsh, and it will start to break down your furniture over time. Metal or steel for example has the chance to rust, causing the metal to weaken and break down over time and use. Fabrics will get ruined if it freezes and thaws out again, causing mold and mildew to take over. Even more so, rattan outdoor furniture can slowly break-down with increased exposure to the winter elements.

Save space and time while extending the life of your patio furniture by taking advantage of our winter patio furniture storage service.

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