Grand Father Clock MoversGrand Father Clock Moving Service

Do you need professional moving help with your grandfather’s clock? With over 16 years of experience and over 40,000 moves completed, you can trust Moving Ahead Services to handle your most prized possessions such as a Grand Father Clock. Moving a grandfather clock is no simple task, and requires specific knowledge about clocks to properly and safely move your clock. You’ll want to make sure that whomever you choose to move your clock is licensed bonded and insures, it’s also important to make sure that they are trained to move your clock, as it requires quite a bit of experience to complete the move properly. Moving Ahead Services is trained, licensed, bonded, and insured to move your grandfather clock! Moving Ahead Services will ensure that weights, keys, the winding crank are safely secured and damage-free during your relocation.

Grand Father Clock Moving Cost

There is no exact price to moving your grandfather clock. In fact, we bill hourly as each clock relocation is a little different. Some clocks may require a custom crate to made, while others may just need to be securely strapped. It’s important to ask your movers as many questions as possible so that you can understand what’s involved, as well as how much cost is associated. If you require specialized services, then the price may go up to ensure that you’re a happy customer. Moving Ahead Services offers hourly grandfather clock quotes and pricing. Call us today to learn more about our grandfather clock moving services. Our friendly moving representative will be happy to answer any questions and ensure that you have everything needed for your clock relocation.

Grand Father Clock Moving Checklist

Prior to moving your clock

  • Document the condition of your clock, along with the condition of its parts.
  • Review your concerns with our moving representatives prior to booking the move.
  • Remove all loose parts and glass prior to attempting to move the clock.
  • Properly remove, wrap, and label all weights.
  • Remove pendulums and secure them.
  • Properly mark all parts, and ensure you make yourself instructions for re-assembly.

Upon Delivery of your clock

  • Verify that the clock arrived safely, and make a game plan for where you want the clock to be.
  • Remove all packaging materials, hang weights, and level everything.
  • Test the chime and the timing.

If you’re looking for professional and affordable grandfather clock moving services, give our office a call at (440) 256-2224.