Furniture MoversFurniture Moving Services

Need help moving your furniture? Look no further! Moving Ahead Services is fully equipped to handle the biggest and smallest furniture moves in your area. No matter if you’re moving one couch, or an entire household, our team will come prepared to help you get your furniture moved to your desired destination. Our furniture moving service is second to none because we take the time, and go over the details with every single customer that we move for. Our staff will show up on time, and help you create a safe and damage-free game-plan for your furniture. No job is too big or small!

Furniture Movers Near Me

Looking for furniture movers near you? We have furniture movers in 5 different locations canvasing 3 different states, and we are constantly growing! Our furniture movers are prepared to help you with your items in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Lakeland. This means we can service your furniture move in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida! Contact us today to learn about our affordable rates and friendly movers.

Local Furniture Movers

Finding local furniture movers can be time-consuming and stressful. It’s really tempting to go find some help on craigslist, but hiring non-insured movers can become very costly, especially if they are not trained on proper packing and moving your unique furniture. We highly recommend researching moving and furniture moving companies to ensure that they are capable of moving your furniture damage-free. You’ll also want to ask if they are licensed, insured and bonded. It’s hard to put a price on how much you value your furniture, and hiring the wrong company can leave you with damaged furniture and no resolution plan.

Heavy Furniture Movers

Finding movers that can handle your heavy furniture is no problem! We won’t turn down a furniture moving job as long as it’s within our area of service! Many companies will charge additional for unique furniture items, but we will help you move your heavy furniture no matter what the case is. It’ll be important to take measurements and have a general idea of how heavy your furniture is. This will allow our sales team to properly quote you for service. It’ll also be important to mention any unique home situations that may cause issues during your move. No worries though, our movers will do a walk-through prior to moving your furniture to ensure that we have a safe and damage-free game plan for relocating your furniture.

In-Home Furniture Movers

Are you looking to re-arrange or remodel your home? Then you’re looking for in-home furniture movers! We find that many customers have no intention of moving, but need some reliable movers to help them re-arrange their furniture within their home or office. We don’t cut any corners when it comes to in-home furniture moves. In fact, we treat our in-home services just like our long distance moves. We take the time, use the same attention to detail that we would if you were to move your furniture across America. This ensures that all of your furniture is wrapped, and prepped prior to relocation. This prevents damage and ensures that all of your furniture will stay secure during its move within your home.

If you’re in need of furniture moving services, then look no further than Moving Ahead Services. We will take the time to quote you competitively, and ensure that your furniture relocation is damage and stress-free. Fill out our easy to use furniture moving quote form, or call us directly at (440) 256-2224.