Residential MoversMoving between Cleveland & Pittsburgh

Are you moving from Cleveland to Pittsburgh?  Contact Moving Ahead Services today to get the best moving quote on the market.  We are a unique moving company in that we have locations in both cities, along with our other service locations, and as such we are the nimble and cost-effective choice for your move.  For residential or commercial moves, we know both cities well.  Let us help you as you make a move between the two cities.

What’s Different between Cleveland and Pittsburgh?

Wondering if Pennsylvania will be right for you as you leave Cleveland?  Driving on Interstate 76, only two hours separate the two cities from each other.  However, there are notable differences in your new locale:

  • Pittsburgh and its surrounding neighborhoods have a slightly more urban feel.  Cleveland has a downtown, but compared to Pittsburgh its distinct neighborhoods are more removed from the urban center.
  • Pittsburgh is generally considered an “East Coast” city, with an east coast vibe.  Cleveland is definitely a Midwestern city, and access to Lake Erie keeps it feeling like the neighboring Great Lake states of Indiana and Michigan more than Pennsylvania.
  • The cost of living in Pittsburgh is higher than that of Cleveland.
  • Western Pennsylvania has more hills.  If you’re leaving West-side Cleveland, it will feel like a completely different topography.

A Cleveland to Pittsburgh move would be a relatively short distance to move, though each city has its own characteristics and ‘feeling’.

What’s Similar?

Just as there are several differences, there are also several similarities between the two cities.

  • Do you have a passion for sports?  Though residents of the two cities cheer for different teams, the passion for sports will be reassuringly familiar.  Regardless of which team you root for, you’ll recognize your peers in their shared excitement for sporting events.
  • Both Cleveland and Pittsburgh have fantastic cultural offerings, including orchestras, theater, grass-roots music followings, and museums.
  • Both cities are major centers for careers in healthcare.  Cleveland houses the University Hospital (UH) system and the top-rated Cleveland Clinic, and Pittsburgh is home to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), among other top healthcare companies.

Moving from Cleveland to Pittsburgh can be a natural transition, in many ways.  The two cities are close enough that your friendships and family connections can be easily maintained, and while Pittsburgh has a bit more of a connection with East coast communities, there are enough Midwestern natives in Pittsburgh to make it familiar.  Contact Moving Ahead Services with our easy quote request form and get started on your move today!