Safe & Secure Indoor Boat Storage

Indoor Boat Storage

Congratulations! You’ve made the investment in a boat.  Your boat is your connection to everything the water has to offer, including fishing, swimming, or engaging in water sports.  When the season ends, what is the best way to care for your boat?  What is the best boat storage available?  Safely and securely storing your boat is important to maintain its great condition in the long-run.  Contact Moving Ahead Services today using our no-obligation quote request. While our name says “moving”, our services include professional-grade storage.  Our responsive customer service team will respond immediately, and you’ll have the information you need to make the best decision.

Indoor Storage is Ideal

Nature’s elements can wreak havoc on your boat: sun, rain, hail, wind, high heat, and freezing temperatures make indoor boat storage your ideal solution to care for your prized watercraft.  The intense heat and the UV rays from the sun will severely damage fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, and rubber surfaces if left unprotected.

Likewise, the fluids used in your boat’s motor can freeze when the temperatures drop, risking damage to your boat’s motor, among other essential parts.  This is why indoor storage during the off-season goes hand-in-hand with the daily measures you employ to protect your boat during use.  Choosing the right company is important; Moving Ahead Services is your trusted boat storage partner.

Consider Moving Ahead Services and our full array of boat storage features:

  • Climate-Controlled – Why do you need a climate-controlled environment?  Fluctuations in temperature during the off-season can lead to rot, mold, and possibly rust.   A dry, climate-controlled environment will eliminate the likelihood of those issues occurring.
  • On-site Video Surveillance – 24-hour video surveillance will give you peace of mind.  We guarantee the security of your boat.
  • Restricted Member Access Available – We offer a safe, secure, and monitored facility.
  • Discounts for Annual & Long-Term Storage – We like to reward our long-term customers and loyalty contracts with annual discounts!

Boat Storage – For Your Information

Let Moving Ahead Services help you care for you with our professional storage.  Our boat storage service can begin with a few simple steps:

  • Contact us today for your free quote on boat storage!
  • Provide your boat insurance details

Call us today! Know that your prized investment will be in good hands with Moving Ahead Services.