Cleveland MoversAre you moving from Cleveland to Cincinnati? What does it cost to move to between the two cities? Are there lifestyle differences between them? What are the pros and cons of living in each? If you’re weighing the options of living in Cleveland versus Cincinnati, there are several lifestyle differences that uniquely define the two major Ohio cities, that may affect your decision.

Cultural Attractions

Both Cleveland and Cincinnati have theater, museums, and cultural attractions. Interestingly, both cities’ major theaters were under threat of demolition at some point in their storied histories. Through donations from invested citizens, over several years the Cincinnati Music Hall was restored as were the multiple stages of Cleveland’s Playhouse Square. Both regions draw Broadway shows and nationally-recognized music talent, along with vibrant local theater and music productions. Cleveland is home to Severance Hall, home of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, recognized globally as one of the best orchestras in the world. Cincinnati’s Symphony Orchestra is the resident orchestra for the Cincinnati Ballet, the Opera, and the May Festival.

Natural Spaces in Ohio’s Cities

Both Cincinnati and Cleveland prioritize providing for natural spaces for their residents. According to the Trust for Public Land, Cleveland ranked 29th and Cincinnati ranked 5th over four measures of an effective park system. These included Access, Investment, Acreage, and Amenities. Cincinnati’s investment in their park system is on par with that of New York City. Cincinnati only needs to add more acreage to round out its almost perfect score.

Cleveland is in close proximity to the “Emerald Necklace”- the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, named for the abundant federal park that surrounds the city on both the West and East sides. The park is one of the nation’s most visited national parks, in the number seven spot behind the Great Smokey Mountains and the popular parks in the western states. The drive to visit Ohio’s only national park for Cincinnati residents is under four hours.

Cost of Living and Public Services

Cleveland has a well-regarded public transportation system, ranking within the top ten of cities with populations over 250,000 for the best transit service. The rankings from AllTransit look at Connectivity, Access to Jobs, and Frequency of Service. Cincinnati is also ranked for cities over 100,000 people. However, if comparing apples to apples, Cincinnati could improve its reach as the city covers more square acreage than Cleveland, resulting in scores that show less transit options. Regardless, both downtown areas have transit options, but both also require a car for traveling into the suburbs.

As such, you need to factor in housing prices, along with the possibility of car expenses. While Cincinnati has more employment opportunities, Cleveland is significantly more affordable when looking at median home prices. The cost of living in Cleveland is 16% less overall on average than that of living in Cincinnati.

Considerations for Moving to Cincinnati

If public transit is not a draw for you, then the weather may be! A move to Cincinnati will check the box for ‘better weather’ compared to Cleveland, if a warmer climate and less snow is considered ‘better weather’ for you. The weather in Cleveland specifically and Northeast Ohio in general is full of churn. Because of the “Lake Effect”, Cleveland’s weather is full of variety and change. Even the sky reflects the uniqueness of the area, with cloud formations, intense storms, and dramatically different snow accumulation between close neighborhoods. Some people love this, and revel in the four seasons. Others…don’t. The winter especially is a big deterrent because it can seem long with a lot of snow.

Cincinnati by contrast is possibly the warmest city in Ohio. Average snow fall for Cincinnati is 15 inches, compared to Cleveland’s 54 inches.

Begin Your Move from Cleveland to Cincinnati

Life in Cleveland is closely tied to the water, with boat clubs, water sports, tourism, and industry heavily reliant on proximity to Lake Erie. Cincinnati is a nestled on the banks of the Ohio River, and hosts familiar Midwest geniality with a twinge of Southern charm. You will meet wonderful people and enjoy unique experiences in both Ohio cities. You can’t go wrong having to leave one for the other. The drive time between the two cities is less than four hours, so even if you move, you only will be a day-trip away.

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