International Packing ServicesInternational Packing Services

Proper inventory and packing is essential for a successful international relocation. From customs’ restrictions to specific shipping and packing containers, let our experts navigate and complete your move.

Household items and furniture have to be meticulously protected and packed for an international move. Using the proper supplies and skilled procedures, we ensure your belongings make the trip safely. Determining how your international move will be completed allows us to accurately plan and use the proper packing materials. From steamship containers to lift vans or air freight – Each type requires special considerations and attention to detail.

Planning for International Packing

Typically, an international move will require one of three types of packing preparation.

  • Shipping Crates, also referred to as lift vans
  • Air Freight
  • Steamship

Each of these three types requires special insight and preparation for proper packing. The sizes and space availability, the schedule and customs evaluations all play a role in successful international packing.


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