Your Construction & Renovation Relocation Resource.

Looking for a construction and renovation relocation company? Look no further! Moving Ahead Services has the experience and know-how to help you with your complex construction or renovation relocation projects.  Learn about our long list of services and benefits!

Our construction and renovation relocation benefits:

  • We have worked and have developed relationships with some of the largest property management companies in the country.
  • We have a comprehensive pricing structure for tenants moving on-site, off-site, or into temporary storage.
  • Whether it’s relocating a tenant during construction renovations or due to wind, water, or fire damage, we can help!
  • We can communicate with residents prior, during, and after the moves and understand state law requirements.
  • We can work directly with your construction teams to ensure seamless schedules.
  • Ability to deal with pest control.
  • Assisting or handling all tenant packing.
  • We can supply needed moving supplies and materials
  • We have completed 1000’s of tenant moves, dealing with multiple scenarios.
  • Use of equipment to expedite moves quickly (speed packs, moving carts, dollies)
  • Dedicated trucks per tenant to eliminate pest transfers between tenants or bulk loading available to save time.


We can handle projects anywhere in the United States.


We can complete up to 20 moves daily.

Tenant Orientation

We will work with your tenants to fully prepare them for their relocation.

Relocation Surveys

We will visit your jobsite and survey to ensure we develop the best plan for your project.

Phase Work Specialists

Our team is experienced with handling phased construction jobs and projects.

Onsite Superintendent

We can provide an on-site super intendent to handle both you and your tenants needs.

Junk removal

We can help with your trash or junk removal.

Storage Options

We will find and handle storage both on-site and off-site.

Post Cleaning

We offer post construction cleaning services!


Landings of St. Andrew

Landings of St Andrew front exterior2

200+ Units
6 Stories
Full-time onsite supervisor, off-site relocations, packing, swing units, post-construction, and swing cleaning.

Sister Court

Sister Court

80+ Units
3 Stories
Phase work, Relocated throughout 5 offsite properties, Packing, Pest Control, Tenant Orientation

Indian Hills Village

Indian Hills Village

40+ Units
Garden Style Apartments
Onsite & Offsite Relocations, Temp Offsite Storage, Appliance relocation, Packing, Cleaning

Gregg Court Apartments 

Gregg Court Apartments 

75+ Units
Cottage Community
On & Off-Site relocations, Temp Onsite Storage, Packing.

Mid Tule Village

Mid Tule Village

50+ Units
Garden Style Apartments
Onsite Relocations, Packing, Appliance relocation.

Euclid Hills Villa 

Euclid Hills Villa 

500+ Units
11 Stories
Full-time onsite supervisor, On-site relocations, Packing, 8+ Units Daily

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