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Affordable Office & Business Storage Solutions

Office & Business StorageOften your office or business relocation plans may require additional space for temporary or long term solutions to storage and organizational challenges.  Our office storage solutions are a great option for businesses of all sizes. It is often common that delays in real estate transactions, construction, and other impeding factors may wreak havoc on your moving timeline! Temporary storage space is the perfect solution. Your moving and storage quote is combined, and we handle the rest.  Our experts are available to pack your business belongings, transport, store, unload, and unpack – All on a timeline that fits your unique demands.

Long-Term Storage Solutions

Alternatively, your business or office storage may simply not be adequate, and you need the additional room!  Our on-site commercial and office storage solutions at Moving Ahead Services’ offices includes 24-hour surveillance, monitored access, climate control, and convenient access for delivery or pick up.  Our trusted service providers have the resources and the experience to ensure your items are stored safely, preventing any compromise, and providing for simple access when the time comes.

Business and office storage can be a great way to store extra furniture, but also for records and files that are taking up precious landscape in your existing office space.  Record storage services include packing, pick up and convenient access if the need arises.

 Business and Office Storage Solutions

Give our experts a call today, or fill out the convenient form above.  Get a free moving and storage quote, or simply opt for storage only solutions at any of our office locations.  Learn more about our services, including full-service packing, document storage, junk removal, and more. For custom moving and storage solutions and any additional questions, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

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