The 4th of July!

Cleveland and Columbus have many events and attractions planned for the upcoming 4th of July Holiday- and we also put together a short list of reminders to consider as you make your plans!  Take a look, share and enjoy the upcoming week!

Cleveland Area Events

City firework displays are scheduled (weather permitting) at dusk on Thursday the 4th.  Check your local municipality websites for details on schedules and parking!  Pack a blanket or chairs, and it is usually a good idea to arrive early and claim a good viewing spot!  If the weather doesn’t allow for the displays to occur, cities will typically quickly release a secondary date for the display to take place.  Rain, strong winds and storms can all have an impact on whether or not the cities will cancel and reschedule a firework display.

The Fairport Mardi Gras also kicks off this week, with the parade on Wednesday and firework displays on Friday and Sunday.  In addition to fair rides and games, the Mardi Gras scheduled is packed with fun things for all ages and is conveniently located off route 2 East of Downtown Cleveland at Fairport Beach Park.

Columbus Area Events

Columbus cities are also planning their 4th of July celebrations, with firework schedules on each city site.  The Doo Dah Parade is also scheduled for the streets of Short North and Victorian Village, voted the cities #1 parade!  Starting at 1pm on the 4th, the parade is complimented by the Block Party from 10am-6pm.

Downtown Columbus is hosting their Red White and Boom fireworks display on Wednesday the 3rd, visit their site for details!  The City of Columbus also released a firework safety guide, you can download a copy here.  The Columbus Visitor’s Bureau has a full list of all the activities and details that will occur through this week.

Important Reminders

The mail delivery schedules, trash and recycling pick-up, and yard waste collection will all be affected by the 4th of July holiday.  Check with your cities to ensure that you have the proper dates!  Also keep in mind that parking and parking meters can be different with the influx of people for the special events, and it’s a good idea to plan ahead for traffic.  When the firework displays end it can often lead to delays and long traffic lines, keep that in mind when making your plans!

Team Members of the Month for May 2013

Moving Ahead Services in both Cleveland and Columbus recognize employees for exemplary behavior and overall motivational traits. The team members of the month for May 2013, Tim and Matt, were selected as the MAS stars. Displaying positive attitudes and a professional, friendly demeanor, Tim and Matt are both critical in the long-term goals for growth and achievement at Moving Ahead Services.

In the moving industry, employees spend almost all of their time out in the field, so it is crucial that these employees are empowered to make decisions and have the ability to handle situations as they arise. With both a need for managerial and decision-making skills, MAS team members are trained to always fulfill the job and uphold the highest level of customer service standards.

Tim and Matt both have outstanding attendance records, which also plays a very important role in an industry that not only relies on attendance, but also the ability to show up and give 100% effort every day! Without the typical job structure that often holds employees accountable for attendance and performance, Moving Ahead works very hard to ensure that our employees are representing themselves and our company in a positive, motivating manner. Tim and Matt put in a lot of time and effort to be awarded Team Members of the Month for May 2013.

Customer Service

Customer Service: Consumers and Businesses Play Equally Important Roles!

As consumers, we hear and see the adage ‘customer service is a thing of the past,’ but that just isn’t the case at our offices. Our success was built, and continues to grow, on the high expectations for customer service from our management team as well as our employees!  Here is how, as consumers and businesses, we can work together to strengthen customer service relationships!

Communicate: More often than not, we are quick as consumers to identify the poor service and not always the professional performances. As a business, it is crucial to hear both the pros and cons of working with us, and as consumers, it is our responsibility to relay the information. If you have a question or concern, voice it! And, if necessary, demand answers. If the company you are working with, regardless of the specialty or trade, is unwilling or unable to help, it is time to look elsewhere.

Publicize: With blogs, reviews, social media, and entire sites existing solely for consumer feedback- it’s about time that we start making use of them! How often have you looked to an online source before purchasing a product or using a company’s services? It is likely that it has happened and even impacted your ultimate decision. This helps weed out the bad guys and helps the good guys prosper. We are constantly asked about our online reviews. Yes, they’re real! And yes, we work very hard for the positive feedback!

Contact Etiquette: As consumers, we are quick to fly off the handle when things are going poorly, and all too often, businesses are equally guilty of sticking the proverbial head in the sand when issues arise. Treat everyone with respect and understand that mistakes do happen. It is the reaction and corrective measures that display a company’s true colors. If companies could review consumers, the naughty list would probably be a mile long. It is important to understand that most companies have good intentions and research as consumers plays a major role in getting the ones that do not have such intentions out of the picture.

Management: Lead by example and, in many cases, spend the necessary time giving your employees the knowledge and empowerment to get the job done right. Moving Ahead’s management team has a role in every single move that is completed. It is hard work, but it has led to satisfaction around every turn!

Businesses and consumers can better our economy, communities, and overall consumer satisfaction by setting the bar high. Both performance and feedback are equally important and the efforts pay off in the long run for all!

Memorial Day 2013 Activities

Memorial Day 2013 Cleveland and Columbus Activities

In Ohio, summer officially starts in June, but our thick skin and desire for sunshine will get us out of the house much earlier than that! This weekend marks the start of fun and sun in Cleveland and Columbus, and if you aren’t too busy packing, moving, or cleaning, there is plenty to do and see in our area! Hire the pros for the chores and get out to have some fun with your friends and family.

Cleveland Fun

Rib Cook-offs : Two, yes, TWO, rib cook-offs! The Great American Rib Cook-Off in Cleveland and the Berea Rib Cook-Off will be joining the list of things to see and do (and eat) this weekend in northeast Ohio.

Memorial Day Parades: The cities of Mentor and Ashtabula each host a Memorial Day Parade, so be sure to check out your city as well!

Cedar Point: Honoring active, retired, and honorably discharged members of the U.S. Military with FREE admission for a one-day ticket to Cedar Point! A short drive from Cleveland or Columbus, this is a great weekend feature!

Haven’t seen anything to get excited about yet?

Columbus Fun

Parades and Ceremonies: Green, Centerville, the King Lincoln District, and Beavercreek are among the places celebrating this weekend with parades and ceremonies!

Columbus Zoo: The Dinosaur Island Display exhibit begins at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Looking for more in Columbus?

Keep busy, pack the sunscreen and water, and enjoy the start of the new summer season! The weather forecasts should cooperate in both Cleveland and Columbus!

Mother’s Day at Moving Ahead Services!

Mother’s Day at Moving Ahead Services

Nothing says ‘I love you, Mom’ like a practical and useful array of services! Sometimes giving the gift of time and work is just not possible with busy, everyday schedules. Visits should be enjoyed and not spent toiling over task lists. Give our offices in Cleveland or Columbus a call to schedule the best gift today!

Exterior Cleaning and Power Washing

Save yourself the trouble and give Mom the gift of a clean and shining home! Exterior power washing is a great solution to clear off the dirt and debris from the winter months, great for siding and brick exteriors. In addition, sidewalks, driveways, decks, and garages can also be pressure washed to remove dirt and improve appearance.

Interior Services

Need a picture or window treatment hung? What about rearranging the furniture for spring? Our professionals can do it all, from moving pianos to assembling intricate pieces of furniture, saving time and frustration. Moving Ahead Services also has a division that specializes in interior cleaning, with varying levels available to best fit your needs and budget.

With spring here, interior and exterior services are a great gift and can simultaneously cross many items off of the typical spring ‘to do’ lists!

Moving Ahead and More!

Whether a move is on the horizon or you are simply getting ready for nicer weather, Moving Ahead Services offers the perfect solutions for you! Get the best of your relocation with Moving Ahead and more!

Preparation for a move, or recovering afterward, can often involve more outstanding tasks than available time. Larger projects, which make a difference whether you are preparing for a move or updating your new residence, can take lengthy amounts of time to set up, costly equipment, and particular operation. For years, our customers have turned to us for guidance and assistance, and we are happy to help them begin moving ahead and more!

In addition to our local and long-distance moving company’s services, our offices in Cleveland and Columbus have also officially expanded to include exterior cleaning and maintenance services, as well as general handyman services. Our trusted, courteous professionals are available in conjunction with a scheduled move, or as needed for routine projects. Eliminate the stress of planning and completing these projects and let us handle the job.

Our flexible scheduling can accommodate your move dates and, of course, general appointments are available as well. Our knowledgeable team will be able to best educate on the most efficient and affordable means of reaching your goals.


1. Power Washing
2. Window Cleaning
3. Gutter Cleaning
4. Driveway Power Washing
5. Patio and Deck Power Washing


1. Hanging Window Treatments
2. Furniture Reassembly
3. Appliance Hook-up and Disconnect
4. TV Mounting and Artwork/Picture Mounting
5. Mailbox Installation
6. Drywall Patching
7 . Light Plumbing

Give us a call and schedule your first appointment so that you can be moving ahead and more!

Inside Look at Moving Ahead Services

Get an inside look at Moving Ahead Services!

The Moving Ahead Services team recently partnered with Patch to create a video, featuring our daily operations as well as our Cleveland office. Our goal is to continually exceed the industry standard. We strive to build long-term relationships by providing a quality service, continually meeting customer demands, and most importantly, making ourselves available to our customers, not only as service providers, but as active members of our community.

Since our early days, we have built upon a solid foundation of strong business values, thorough employee training, and the highest standards in customer satisfaction. We are not solely providing business moving services. We are consistently ensuring that each move is completed in the most efficient and affordable manner.

In addition to our local and long-distance relocation services, we also provide support for everything that is encompassed in a move. From scheduling interior and exterior cleaning services to general handyman aid, furniture assembly, junk removal, and more, our experience and trusted services allow our customers to relax and take comfort in all that we do.

Eliminate the guesswork and stress out of your next move, and give Moving Ahead Services a call! And be sure to check out the video for an inside look at Moving Ahead Services.

Not Your Average Moving Company

Moving Ahead Services is not your average moving company. Without any further delay, Moving Ahead Services would like to announce the official expansion of our support services. Our customers have provided valuable feedback, suggestions, and requests, and Moving Ahead has used the information to expand our horizons.

In addition to our trusted moving company’s usual services, our dedicated professionals will now be able to offer the same in quality, organization, and training to provide our clients with an array of additional services. In the upcoming weeks, we will be outlining and presenting full descriptions, but here is a great preview!

  • Interior House Cleaning Services
  • Exterior House Cleaning
  • Handyman Services
  • Post Move Support

Whether adding a service onto your scheduled move or simply arranging for an independent appointment, Moving Ahead Services will provide the quality and dedication that our customers have grown to love. Many of our clients have taken advantage of our services already to find that we are a seamless fit. Quality is the priority, and we will not settle for less!

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our management. We would be happy to answer any questions. Full information will be available very soon, and our staff is always happy to hear from you. Contact us via phone or email to schedule your next appointment with Moving Ahead Services. You will discover for yourself that we are not your average moving company.

Moving Ahead Services and Our Community

Moving Ahead Services believes in giving back to the community, customers, and friends.  After all, you are the reason we have grown over the last ten years! In January, our professionals donated time and resources to an Air Force veteran that was in need of a relocation to better receive the care he needed. The Sandusky Ohio Veteran’s Home opened its doors 125 years ago to provide care for veterans of the Civil War. Today, the Sandusky Veterans home has over 400 residents, and during our visit, we got to see the beautiful Memorial Walkway that was opened in 2002 to honor all men and women that have served our Country.

As a veteran owned business, Moving Ahead Services was honored to be able to provide for such important members of our community. We were able to provide much more than a moving truck and general moving companies’ services!

As a locally operated business moving company, we strive to provide a positive impact on our economy. Our employees are provided the best in training and support, and every dollar spent is kept in the U.S. In addition, our relationships with local businesses and service providers allow us to build upon our customer base and expand our services to meet each and every need.


Providence House Fundraiser

The holidays are a great time of the year, and every year, Moving Ahead Services spends time at the Providence House helping with their Deck the House fundraiser.

This year, the Christmas trees were so beautiful! Our favorites were the Mickey Mouse tree and the silver and blue trees. We delivered them to winners of the auction after the Providence House gala.

We always enjoy participating in the Providence House Fundraiser, as it gives us another chance to give back.