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Looking for ways to save money when moving? Let us help!

Here are some helpful hints for packing to save money on moving. Reading through them, all may seem to be common sense, but oftentimes, we don’t think of them until it is too late and end up scrambling to purchase items at the last minute.

–Start collecting boxes from your local grocery or retail store. Make sure they are clean, strong, and have tops or flaps that close all the way. Ask friends and family that have access to unused boxes and be sure to store them in a dry place. Keep in mind that large boxes can get heavy, and chances are that you will have to pick it up at some point, even if using a moving company’s services. Try packing books and other heavy items in smaller boxes. Moving Ahead Services can also provide you with boxes and packing supplies if you need it. Just be sure to recycle after you’re finished!

– Save newspapers and ask friends or relatives to do the same. You can use these for packing your valuables later. Mark each box as fragile on all sides to avoid mishaps. You might also look into corrugated paper rolls for all of your fragile items. Another great source is plastic grocery bags, utilizing them to wrap around fragile items. Moving Ahead Services also offers custom crating for artwork and other valuables.

– Grab large black markers and/or brightly colored Sharpies for labeling your boxes, in addition to packing tape. Pack with organization and keep in mind where the items will be going in your new home. If items are getting stored in the basement, label the boxes accordingly to avoid more work later. By labeling accurately, our professionals are able to place the items exactly where they are designated and you are able to find everything when you need it.

Let us help with your move and make it easier and less costly.

Smooth Move

Smooth Move: Reducing Stress When Moving

We are often asked the secrets of conducting a smooth move, and, more importantly, of reducing stress during a typically chaotic period. One of the biggest recommendations we can make to our customers and friends for a smooth move is to be organized and think ahead. Whether you are choosing full-service moving and packing, labor-only services, or even transportation, it can often feel like you need an assistant to get everything accomplished. As soon as a moving date is chosen, or even a moving week, it is important to begin putting the wheels into motion. Waiting until the last moment can often lead to exhaustion and stress, which surely we would all like to keep to a minimum!

Begin packing items that you are not using daily, such as seasonal clothing, specialty kitchenware, extra linens, and outdoor items just to name a few. Starting with these will let you begin slowly and keep organized while doing so. Label the boxes, sort through drawers, and donate items that you just don’t need anymore.

Use a bank statement or another form of tracking monthly items and begin comprising a list of companies that need to be contacted: your bank, credit cards, utilities, health and car insurance, or anything that will require an account update and not a simple mail forwarding service. Be sure to visit the USPS site as well, as they often offer special coupons and information when you set up mail forwarding.

Utilize a calendar or even an Excel spreadsheet to help you stay on track for the weeks leading up to your move. Plan out appointments, tasks, and updates that need to take place so that items can be crossed off or added as time goes on. Keep a folder to have all of the paperwork in one place, which is beneficial before, during, and even after your smooth move is completed.

Although stress is not altogether avoidable, with preparation and organization, it can definitely be brought to a minimum. The more that you get accomplished in the early stages, the less there is to worry about down the line when the unexpected pops up, increasing your chances for a smooth move.

Moving Services Quotes

We recently had a new customer call in and inquire for a free quote. Upon receiving all of the information, we were able to provide the details and pricing related to the scheduled move.  The caller was quite surprised, as the move had been quoted lower by another company.  When asked why, we took the opportunity to explain exactly how a moving company should be operated, and we wanted to share the information with you as well by offering you information on how we conduct our moving services quotes.

As a Registered Household Goods carrier, Moving Ahead Services has completed all of the proper registration requirements. What does this mean for you as a customer? When we provide our moving services, we are fully licensed and insured. We have registered with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) and are recognized on their site as a service provider. As with any specialty service, proper training and care are taken to ensure that each and every move is completed correctly, and for the best possible moving services quotes.

Our professionals often receive feedback from customers who have had poor experiences with other companies, but not every moving company has taken the steps that Moving Ahead Services has to ensure they operate properly. We urge you to do research and we offer complimentary informational consultations to anyone planning to schedule a move. As an Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner and a PUCO recognized service provider, the team at Moving Ahead Services is looking forward to your next move and bringing you great moving services quotes.

Tips to Clear the Clutter

Spring is the perfect time to take inventory and reorganize your home. Oftentimes, as summer comes to a close, we hurriedly store items for the following year without necessarily evaluating the process. Take the time now to sort, label, and organize with these tips to clear the clutter. You will thank yourself when the summer sun is shining!

Household goods

A great tool for deciding what to keep and what to pitch is an outbox. The outbox itself can be anything: a basket, a box, or simply an area in a closet. The concept is to place items that you haven’t been using regularly into the outbox, set yourself an amount of time (one week, one month, etc.), and if you haven’t touched the item in that time frame, then it is time to donate! This can help clear clutter, toys, paperwork, kitchen goods, and more.


Before swapping out your clothing for the season, give yourself a chance ahead of time to do the hanger flip. Flip all of your hangers to face one direction, and as you wear and rehang an item, do so in the opposite direction. In a month or so, when it’s time to pack away the winter gear, make the choices as to what you will be keeping and what will be tossed. The hangers that never got flipped are the items that you most likely can part with.

The Full House Sweep

Pick a room each weekend (or two if you are really adventurous) and take the time now while it is not quite nice enough to relax outside. Go through the entire room and identify the items that are old or worn and anything that you just don’t anticipate using. While you’re sorting through, organize drawers and closets as well.

Moving Ahead Services believes in giving back to the community, and as you enact these tips to clear the clutter, please keep in mind those that are in need. We have local resources for donation drop-offs and pick-ups, and we also offer services for haul away of large items.

10 Tips for Saving Money on Your Move

Jeff Collins, owner of Moving Ahead Services, will show you what you can do to save money on moving with these 10 tips for saving money on your move.

1)    Clear out one room on the first floor that you’ll use for packing your items. Make sure that the space is large enough to give you a nice work space as well as a space that can handle many different box sizes.

2)    Keep markers, tape, and scissors nearby. Also have your newspaper, bags, and other packaging supplies ready in this room.

3)    Pack one room at a time. This way it will be easier to unload and unpack when you arrive at the new place. You might even color code your boxes by using different Sharpie colors to label boxes for each room.

4)    Check the bottoms of each box before you pack anything. There’s nothing worse than getting a box all packed and seeing the bottom fall out when you pick it up.

5)    Mark each box with the room that it is going to go in. You can even label each box with its contents.

If you follow these 10 tips for saving money on your move, you’ll be thrilled with the financial results. We guarantee it.