Finding a Moving Company

If You’re Looking for Movers, Read This

Finding a moving company can be a difficult task. Not all moving companies are created equal! It can be overwhelming without having the proper guidelines. Let us help, and if you’re looking for a mover in Ohio, give us a call!


The most important part of researching and finding a moving company is a very basic licensing search.  All movers have to be registered with the Department of Transportation and the State of Ohio Public Utilities Commission. Your movers should have their OH DOT number and State Motor Carrier (MC) number listed on all paper and available in a search of records, as well as posted on their trucks and website.

You can search DOT here;

You can search MC Here;

Surprisingly, moving companies can technically fly under the radar and operate without being properly licensed, until they are caught. As a licensed moving company, we undergo annual audits with the licensing authorities to ensure we make any updates and have all current requirements in place.


While it may be tempting to hire a cheap moving company off Craigslist – It can cost you big in the long run. Think about it, not only are your belongings getting physically moved around, but they are also spending time in a truck, going from point A to point B. Failure to have the proper insurance could be catastrophic in the event of damage or an accident.

Most online platforms (Angie’s List, Home Advisor, BBB) even require proof of proper insurance (and licensing) to participate in their websites. Proper insurance is also required by the operating authorities (see Licensing tip above).

Track Record

A few quick internet searches can tell you a lot about the company you are going to use. In addition to the basics like licensing and insurance, it’s important to do a little extra homework. Look for length of time in business, complaints filed, and do general research to ensure it’s not a fly by night that opens up in a new name every 6 months.

Payment and Contract

Finding a moving company shouldn’t feel like a guessing game. Your contract and payment terms should be transparent and should leave zero room for guessing. Not-so-great establishments will use strong arm tactics, hidden fees and cash deposits as a way to dupe customers into the move. Don’t fall for it! You should never pay for an inspection or a moving quote, and your contract should be plain as day!



We are proud to work in an exciting industry that allows us to work with customers in one of the most exciting times of their life. Moving and all that goes along with it is a big life change! We are part of a wonderful industry with so much to offer our customers – But it’s important to be careful and ensure that you select a reputable, licensed and experienced moving company. Save these tips for your next move!

5 Winter Moving Tips

Tips for Moving in the Wintertime

Winter moving tips can go a long way if you are planning a move in the coming months (gulp, yes, we still may have months left). The cold weather is no surprise here in Ohio, and a little extra planning can go a long way for having a great moving day. Check out our 5 tips, straight from the pros themselves.

5 Winter Moving Tips

1. Plan for Extra Time

This is a no-brainer. It has to be at the top of the tip list, because it is so critical to a successful moving day. The weather can be unpredictable, but keep an eye on the forecast in the days leading up to your move. Depending on the weather conditions, travel time and general packing / loading time can increase if the weather is not cooperating. Try to have a very flexible schedule on the day of your move, and even factor in an extra day into your timeline. If you’re closing on selling your house, it’s not a good idea to wait until the last day and be buried in the snow when it’s time to hand over the keys!

Winter moving tips2.  Extra Winter Supplies

Depending on whether you DIY or hire movers, winter means extra supplies are needed. Assuming you’re choosing the latter, some supplies will be provided by your movers and others you will want to plan for.

Things that will be your responsibility include salt for pathways, protecting floors, and even ensuring everything is properly packed. Many professional moving companies offer floor protectant and will provide the proper safety gear, including cold weather gear and proper roadside items to indicate the parked truck, etc.

Take extra care to have proper clothing and footwear as well! Even if you have hired movers, chances are you’ll be spending at least some time going back and forth form the outside.

3. Chores and Tasks for the Weather

It’s incredibly important to be prepared on the day of your move if there is snow or ice on the ground. Providing safe working surfaces, including a clear driveway and walk paths, is critical. Not only is the movers’ safety a consideration, but it’s also critical for your items being transported to and from a moving truck! No one wants to slip and fall while carrying a heavy dresser or other furniture.

4. Packing Considerations

If you’re doing the packing yourself, take extra care to pack items appropriately that may be sensitive to the cold weather temperatures. If your belongings are spending extended time in the back of a moving truck or in a staging area such as a garage, this is incredibly important!

Check out our tips on how to pack electronics.

5. Storage Considerations

Climate controlled storage is essential in the wintertime. Some items may not matter, like clothing or some furniture, but other items cannot spend extended time in a cold storage unit. Some moving companies offer storage (we have an onsite warehouse at each location) or you can select a climate controlled storage unit. Keep in mind, independent storage units can have a wait list for climate control so look early and often!


There you have it, our round up of winter moving tips direct from the pros that know! Get a free quote for your winter move, and keep your fingers crossed the ground hog reports in our favor.

Textbook Painting in Lakewood

Looking to Paint Soon? Check out Textbook Painting in Lakewood

If you’re considering selling your home in 2018, looking to move to a new space, or just feel like you’d enjoy a change – painting can make a world of a difference! Painting can be a fun DIY project or a huge hassle. If you’re one of the people who feels like it’s the latter, then have no fear – Our friends at Textbook Painting in Lakewood are a great local resource in Northeast Ohio.

Textbook Painting started in November 2006, and is based out of Lakewood, OH. They are a full service company, meaning they do interior and exterior painting, deck staining and power washing.

The Pros of Hiring a Local Painting Pro

Depending on your current diggs, painting may be a necessity or just a way to instantly update and upgrade your homes’ look and feel. Many homeowners will paint prior to selling to increase home value and appeal. Many buyers will also opt for a fresh coat of paint before or after moving in, to add your personal touch to your new home. Overall, painting is an affordable yet drastic way to change your home.

Painting has some serious benefits;

  • Colors can have a BIG impact on natural lighting
  • Believe it or not, paint colors can impact your mood
  • Increased home value
  • Update and facelift dated designs
  • Repairs light wall and drywall damage

Why to Hire an Expert like Textbook Painting

Textbook PaintingFor homeowners and renters alike, painting can be one of the most challenging DIY projects to tackle. Indoor and outdoor painting takes a serious time commitment, and requires knowledge and experience for a quality outcome. If not done properly, your paint can quickly show signs of distress – From chips to uneven coverage and more.

Time Painting can take hours. Once you have your supplies out and set up, it is near impossible to stop until the task at hand is completed.

Quality of Products The type and quality of the tools and paint you use matters!

Preparation Preparing your surfaces for painting, from cleaning to taping edges and more – Is a big requirement.

Application The actual way you paint, spray or roll your paint on is very important.

Clean up Clean up is essential to ensure no messes or damage occurs, and tools and supplies are preserved.


While there are no shortage of painting companies in the Cleveland area, Textbook makes it their goal to try and stand out from the rest. Here are 3 major benefits!

Warranty: Textbook Painting offers the longest warranties on their projects. A Four-Year Worry Free Guarantee on any exterior painting project, ten year warranty on aluminum and vinyl siding paint jobs, and even a One-Year Touch Up program for most interior painting projects.

Experience: something that should definitely not be overlooked. By being in the industry for over 10 years, they’ve learned what works and what doesn’t – meaning they won’t lead you astray on your project.

Professionalism: You can expect their uniformed employees to respect your home and make you feel at ease with them being there. Further, you can expect that those same employees have gone through the best and most recent training, both online and in-person, to complete your project correctly and safely.


If it looks like a painting project is in your future, you can visit the Textbook Painting website or give them a call at (216) 503.4480.


10 Moving Regrets

The Top Moving Regrets are NOT Surprising

Moving regrets are common, with over 47% of people citing some sort of regret in a recent article. That is crazy! With half of the population that has moved regretting it in some form or another, it’s time to grab the bull by the horns and get a realistic picture BEFORE you plan a move.

Being in the business of moving for the last decade + has given us some super power insights into the common exciting parts, and not so exciting parts, of moving. It all boils down to 10 common moving regrets. Remember, when one door closes another opens!

10 Top Moving Regrets

  1. Wants vs. Needs. A simple concept, but the excitement of moving and the pain points of your current home can mean losing sight of the basics.  Moving is a very big life change, even if you’re going across town. The foundation of your choice comes down to deciding what you really want, what you really need and whether your current home or your new home are going to fulfill it.
  2. Finances. Need we mention the housing crisis? Yikes!  Selling your home and/or relocating can come with a hefty price tag. Buying a new home or renting a new place can also mean increased expenses! Have a very clear idea of budget, transparent expenses and an overall good idea of what your move is going to cost now, and in the long run. Set yourself up for success and make a move that makes sense for you!
  3. Homesick – Literally and figuratively. Being homesick can mean a few different things, but namely a. missing your actual old home and b. all the feels of leaving a place you called home. Your home was a place of comfort and security and leaving it can be emotional. The actual physical changes to your home can also take an emotion toll, which lends to our next point..
  4. Old Home Changes. Your old home will likely undergo changes after the purchase is finalized. Resist the urge to do a drive by (or knock on the door). The new owners may change everything, from exterior and interior design, landscaping and more. In some cases, many individuals are left devastated in the event their old home is torn down to make way for a new home. Remember, this is all part of the package!
  5. Space. Upsize, down size or same size, however you slice it, space is usually a big factor in the equation of moving. Give it a lot of thought!
  6. Home Value Changes. Your old / new home went up/down in value. It happens, sometimes you can predict it and sometimes you can’t – Try not to obsess over it!
  7. New Home Issues / Updates. Your new home, regardless of what the price point is, will likely need some updates to reflect your tastes. However, take care to select a home that doesn’t have major issues or costs as this can be a major source of regret!
  8. Neighborhood – Schools, proximity, friends, etc. Home and the area you are used to will change if you move. Shocker! You’d be surprised how many individuals cite this as their number one regret. Can you stand to part ways with your neighbors, neighbor hood, kids’ schools, etc?
  9. Job. Moving for work can be particularly stressful. Whether you relocated because of a job or you relocated and now are farther from your current job, work should definitely be taken into consideration.
  10. Stress of Moving. Moving is a big change, even if you hire experts to handle the actual move. The stress, fights and emotions that go along with moving can be a big undertaking for families and for individuals. While even an exciting move can be worth the stress, it’s still important to take it into consideration!


There you have it, our top list of moving regrets. Take it or leave it, but this is a good checklist to plan for your move and gauge the things that are going to matter most to YOU! As always, if you are ready to make the move, give us a call or use our easy online form to request a free moving quote!

5 New Years Resolutions for Moving

5 New Years Resolutions for MovingNew Years Resolutions for your Move

These 5 new years resolutions for moving can save you some headache while making your move a great experience! Save this if you are planning a move in 2018.  Happy New Year!

5 New Years Resolutions for Moving

  1. Don’t Procrastinate – Assuming your move isn’t THIS WEEK, you have got time. Do not wait until the last second to make important life choices or decisions regarding your move.
  2. Donate / Purge – Your move can have a positive impact (And this can save you $$). Donate unwanted household items, clothes, tools, etc. Don’t forget to also donate anything from your pantry or cupboards for Move for Hunger!
  3. Strategize – Even if your move isn’t until holiday season 2018, having a game plan and timeline is critical. This is the single most important and impactful advice we can give. Have a clear picture of every deadline and decision, and make sure you are prepared for every step of the way!
  4. Budget Well – If you’re able, try to plan your move outside of the ‘busy’ season. You are more likely to save money and time that way! Keep an eye out for discounts and offers, including specials for referral or repeat customers and more. Talk to professionals to have a clear picture of what to expect on your move.
  5. Splurge Somewhere – Treat yourself! Whether it is the city / neighborhood you choose or just something special for your new home or apartment, include plans to gift yourself something in the process. Moving is stressful!

Moving in 2018 is easier than ever before with all of the resources and options right at your fingertips! If you are planning a move soon, get a free moving quote today here.  Save this list of new years resolutions for moving!

Remodeling During Holidays

HOHOHO Holiday Remodels

Remodeling during holidays can be less than magical. You may not be able to decorate like years past, and having company or hosting parties may have to go on hold.  Fear not! There are many great ways to enjoy the holiday season while your home is in transition.

Tips for Surviving Remodeling During Holidays

Remodeling During HolidaysGifts and Treats

One major issue during a remodel over the holiday season is time and coordination for gift shopping, as well as hiding gifts from little ones!  If possible, talk to family and friends and keep gift exchanges to a minimum for this year. Many will understand, particularly if they have ever moved or remodeled during December.

Try to coordinate shopping time as effectively and efficiently as possible, with a clear plan ahead of time.  Use Amazon and other delivery services to keep things simple (and affordable).  See if a neighbor or friend can aid in the hiding part, or see if your office / workplace can suffice as a temporary storage location.

Parties and Dinners

Unless you are feeling brave, the likelihood of hosting holiday gatherings is slim. Try to host at an alternate location – Like a local restaurant or another friend or relatives’ home. Offer to help, just explain that your home isn’t an option this year!


While many adults can easily forego and skip a year of decorating, it can be a deal breaker for families with young kids. Part of the magic this time of year is experiencing all the sparkle and excitement that the holiday season brings!  If possible, decorate what you can – But if decorating is out of the question use local events and attractions to fill the void. Visit Christmas displays, drive to see lighting attractions, check out kid-friendly events and crafts to make the most of enjoying the decorations apart from your home.

Remodeling during holidays may not be a walk in the park, but it is important to remember it’s temporary!  Adding extra stress by still attempting to keep all holiday traditions in place may just simply be to much of a burden. It’s OK! Make the most of local events and lean on family for support and make next year an exciting come back. Happy Holidays, and Happy Remodeling!

Homesick After Moving

Handling the Moving Gloom

Being homesick after a big move is totally normal! Whether it sets in right away or after the initial hustle and bustle of relocating, it is definitely a reality for many. If you are feeling homesick, check out our top tips for beating the blues!

Don’t Mope

At least don’t mope for long!  Give yourself a mental health day to process everything and get it together. Resist the urge to binge Netflix on your couch for a solid month! The more you do, the better you will feel and the key to improving your feelings is to take action.

Use Technology

We are seriously lucky to have such a plethora of technology options at our finger tips.  Whether you want to do Facetime, Skype, chat, text, video messaging, etc etc… You have the ability that no one in history has ever had – You can see your loved ones and friends from anywhere! Take advantage of it, it will help!

Make a List of Places

If you are really struggling with missing your last home town, then it’s time to start getting busy making memories. Make a list of your favorite places and start working on finding new ones in your new town. From restaurants to shopping, gyms, grocery stores and more – Getting familiar can go a long way!

Find Group Activities

Whether you are looking for friends, dating, professional networking etc – It is out there thanks to the interweb! Check out group activities at a local fitness center, volunteer around town, find group dating networks – Anything that will get you out there and start meeting some locals and making new friends.

Get Social at Work / School

If you have changed jobs or started a new school, start spending time with people! Sure, they may not be your new BFFs but at least give it a shot! You never know who else you will meet, and it could also show some great new places around town.


Moving and being homesick is totally normal. Moving distances is not for all of us, and if you find after the first year or two you just aren’t settling in and happy – It may be time to think about a move back!

Moving Ahead Services Referral Program

Refer Your Friends, Family and Coworkers

Our referral program is a great way to share your awesome moving experience, and help out your friends and family! The Moving Ahead Services’ referral initiative is in response to overwhelming customer return and referral ratings.  The single best compliment we can receive is the ‘thumbs up’ and a mention to your loved ones.

Our business has been built on a commitment to quality, and by treating each move as if it were our own. Each year, our referral and return customer base grows exponentially across all of Ohio. This is in large part to our great customers spreading the word!

Referral Program Details

The process is pretty simple. If you have told a friend, family member or coworker about Moving Ahead Services, or if you’ve simply mentioned it and we are able to reach out directly, fill out our easy referral form here.

Once their big move is scheduled, we will reach out and get your gift card in the mail!


UNPacking Tips

You have survived the move, but the work is not over!

Unpacking tips can be incredibly helpful after the move is over (and to help you pack properly!) and it’s time to get your life and home back in order. Cleaning, organizing and putting items away properly now can save serious headaches and time down the road. Resist the urge to rush through it and get unpacked with these great tips!

Unpacking Tips from the Pros

unpacking tipsTip #1: Rewinding a bit, make sure that your boxes are clearly labeled during the move and ensure that each box is placed in the room to which it belongs in. This will aid in keeping track of all of your household items but also assist movers or helpers to ensuring everything goes to the correct room – Saving time and chaos later!

Tip #2: Have the proper supplies This means cleaning supplies, as well as supplies that will be needed before you can unpack.  This includes liners for cabinets, tools and hardware, etc.

Tip #3 Clean before you start each room If possible, try to clean (and/or paint) your new home or apartment thoroughly before moving in at all!  If you were unable to, have all items placed in the center of the room and clean thoroughly before you unpack. Wipe walls, baseboards and windows.  Clean all appliances, scrub bathrooms and ensure everything is in good shape before unpacking.

Tip #4: Unpack the priority items first During packing and planning stages, it’s a good idea to prioritize and keep important everyday items available.  This includes, clothes, towels, toiletry items, bedding, etc. Start here and unpack priority items first.

Tip #5: Prioritize by Room  – Organize and plan as you go to maximize use of space!


Your kitchen is typically one of the more lengthy packing and unpacking projects you will have.  Before unpacking your kitchen and after cleaning – Make sure you line all cabinets and do any preparatory work. Then plan your kitchen! Decide what items will go in what cupboards, how you want your pantry set up, etc.  Make sure to put away any refrigerated or food items.


Bathrooms are essential in the unpacking process!  Put away all TP, toiletry items, towels, shower essentials and anything else you will need right away. Plan ahead so that you do not need to go back and re-organize later.


Whether you are able to tackle the bedroom completely on day 1 or to at least set up temporary sleeping quarters, get your bed room started to have a place to rest your head at the end of the long day!  Take your time to unpack and put away everything, and stay organized throughout.

Tip #6: Assemble essential furniture Put together all furniture in priority order.  Start with essentials like beds, then move on to kitchen and living spaces. If you have hired movers, they often will provide this service!

Tip #7: Set aside items for storage and plan to handle storage areas last As you pack and unpack, it’s a good time to purge and organize. For items that can go into the storage spaces, designate extra boxes and safely store them with other storage items until you tackle those spaces.


There you have it, unpacking tips to unpack like a pro.  If you need help, schedule our post-move services today. Happy unpacking!


Forgotten Items in Moving

What Are You Most Likely to Forget During Moving?

Forgotten Items in MovingForget me not! When our brains are on overload during the moving process, it is easy to forget even the simple things in life. Being wrapped up in your move means you may leave some items behind or forget to complete very important tasks! Save this for your big moving day and avoid forgotten items in moving.

Most Forgotten Items in Moving

1. Address Changes

Moving means you essentially need to update every single instance of your address across all areas of your life. Take inventory of anything that you need to update and when it needs updated – Including all bills, anything you have scheduled for deliveries, items being repaired, etc.

  • All utilities, school contact information, work contact information
  • Repeat deliveries like Amazon Prime, subscriptions, etc.
  • Service related things like dry cleaning, pick up / drop off repairs etc.

The Updater app is a helpful tool!


2. Medical and Health

This is a critical one! Be sure to keep meticulous records and make appropriate updates for all medical and health related necessities. This includes updating your medical records, pharmacy, emergency contact information and more. Keep all items in a safe place and easily accessible during the move. Notify all regular physicians!


3. School Related Items

Whether your kids are transferring schools or not, you likely will have updates to be made here. Ensure schools have all proper contact information, important dates, emergency contact information and any other relevant items.


4. Moving Supplies

Many overlook even the most simple aspect – The things you actually need to move!  Ensure you have all of the proper tools and equipment before your move – and make sure you take them with you when the move is done!

  • Packing supplies, boxes, paper, scissors, tape, labels, markers, etc.
  • Dollies and moving blankets/pads


5. Hiding Spots

Take a mental inventory of any hiding spots you have had over the years and make sure you ask your kids the same! From valuables to cash to important documents, it can be difficult to retrieve things after the fact.


6. Last Minute Packing

The VIP items that you have left out to pack last can often be the most common to be forgotten! Check all drawers, closets and storage and talk to everyone involved to make sure things are not stashed away for safe keeping and left behind during the move.


7. Appliances

If you are leaving appliance behind, don’t forget to check them!  Check inside dishwashers, ovens and refrigerators, as well as washers and dryers.


8. Cleaning Supplies

Commonly saved for the end of the move to clean up – Cleaning supplies and garbage are often left behind. Keep everything together and don’t forget to do a final thorough sweep before you go.


9. Chargers / Electronics

From phone charges to speakers, laptops and more  – Don’t forget your electronics and chargers!


10. Outdoor items – Plants, planters, grills, mower etc

Check all of your storage spaces to make sure you have grabbed and packed everything – Including all outdoor areas. Planters, grills and mowers are all frequently forgotten.

The easiest things you can do to ensure your move is organized include hiring movers, and keeping very detailed lists and schedules.  This will help you stay sane, as well as ensure all bases are covered.  Keep lists handy to continually add to, remove and update!

Save this list to avoid forgotten items in moving, and contact us for your free moving estimate!