Tips for Driving a Rental Truck

Driving a Rental Truck Like a Pro

tips for driving a rental truckTips for driving a rental truck, straight from our experts!  Many customers call Moving Ahead Services to hire our labor and/or drivers for their move. That is a great way to save time and be budget conscious during your relocation!  If you opt to do labor only and need to drive your own rental truck, these tips are for you!

Getting to know, and getting to drive your rental truck well are two completely different stories! Let us illustrate..

Tips for Driving a Rental Truck

Selecting your truck / Getting to know your truck

  1. Try to get a newer truck! (Better maintenance, bluetooth or I phone jack, etc etc)
  2. Make sure you learn how to properly start the truck, put it in gear, lights, etc –  before leaving the rental spot
  3. You have a governor! It’s going to be a slow ride
  4. Check your clearance height!!
  5. Check your insurance.  If you have to, opt for the extra coverage for theft / damage.

Let us tell you, trucks most definitely hit bridges and drive-through awnings! They also can be difficult to operate if you do not understand the basics – this is not your normal car! It is also crucial to push for a newer truck – If your Penske, Uhaul etc breaks down on the side of the road, you could be stuck for hours. Then when a new truck shows up, it is your responsibility to trans load your belongings.

Safety tips for driving a rental truck

  1. Pack the truck properly – Weight must be distributed evenly!
  2. Passing distance
  3. Speed
  4. Mirrors
  5. Signs for truck directions / different road rules
  6. Brake easy
  7. Backing up / ground guide
  8. WIDE, slow turns

Remember, you are in a large and dangerous machine.  You must take care to protect yourself and others on the roads! Operating your moving truck safety is critical.  You cannot simply think of it as driving a vehicle!

Other considerations:

  1. More money will be spent on more expensive fuel (often diesel!)
  2. Longer travel time
  3. Parking considerations for food and/or overnight stays
  4. Weigh stations may be required



Senior Moving

My, How The Times Have Changed!

senior movingSenior moving today is much different than it was, even 10 years ago! With more options and information than ever before, we are able to effectively and affordably provide outstanding senior moving services in our communities.  Planning and completing moves that may require additional help, organization, downsizing or other stressful details is our specialty!

Moving Ahead Services is a Trusted Partner for Ohio’s Top Senior Communities

We are proud to work with communities across Ohio to provide an array of relocation and storage related solutions.  There is simply no ‘cookie cutter’ moving package once you hit a certain age bracket! Don’t sell yourself short on your move. Research, choose and move like a pro!

  1. Determine the details. Where are you moving? Is family going to help? How much are you able to do on your own? From geographic location to the type of destination, organizing, storage needs and more.  Your move may encompass a lot! Let us help.
  2. Research service providers. Ask friends and family, use websites like Angie’s List or simply ask your new community director – Finding a reputable service provider is essential.
  3. Get ready for the big day. Let us guide you through the moving process, with detail task planning and support.

Senior Moving with More Options than Ever

Our favorite part about coordinating and completing senior moves is truly our passion to provide value and go above and beyond with the services we provide.  This can be a great experience!  Tell us your story, what makes you excited and what has you nervous about the big move.  We will work through the details together!

Schedule your senior moving consultation today! Whether you are planning your own move, or helping a loved one, we are happy to serve you.  If you work for a senior or retirement community in Ohio, contact us to learn how we can help make your resident’s transition an easy one!

Security Risks During Moving

Is Your Move Putting You At Risk?

security risks during movingSecurity risks during moving are frequently overlooked, and should definitely be at the top of the priority list! Moving can be an overwhelming time, whether or not you have expert help.  Unfortunately, the increased activity and related moving tasks can put you at a higher risk for crime.

Security Risks During Moving

Protecting yourself and your family is incredibly important.  Get a handle on these safety tips to keep your move and your family secure and safe!

  1. Change the locks! Be sure to change your locks at your new home, and update any security codes or entry access points. Don’t forget garage doors, garage door openers, patio doors and more!
  2. Choose reputable service providers. Use sites like Angie’s List, AMSA and the BBB to check on the reputation of your service provider.  From contractors for repairs to moving companies and everything in between – The more people in and out of your home, the higher the risk!
  3. Don’t display your trash at the curb. Properly dispose of electronics boxes and anything that may indicate valuables are in the home.
  4. During the move, ask a neighbor at both locations to keep a watchful eye during the transition.  Having belongings in two places can get complicated!  Report any suspicious activity.
  5. Keep a close eye on your moving truck or packed car if you are doing a DIY move! Make sure to lock the back of your truck.
  6. Keep track of valuables, jewelry, cash, checkbooks and important documents.
  7. Scope out your new home. From lighting to window locks and anything that could raise your risk – Get the repairs done before you move!

Moving is a complicated, exciting and stressful process!  Unfortunately, individuals with ill intentions can use those weaknesses to their benefit.  Take extra precautions to make your move a safe one!

Buying Out of State

Purchasing Your First Home In a Different State

Buying out of state, particularly for your first home – Can be a little challenging. From financing to the searching process, finding a home in a different locale takes some extra considerations!

5 Steps For Buying Out of State

Our latest article outlines our top 5 tips for finding, buying and moving to your first home in a new state!

  1. Stay realistic.  From budgets to timelines and travel plans and more.
  2. Finding a realtor.
  3. Researching and finding a neighborhood.
  4. Deciding home features.
  5. Finding a job!

View our full list over at, Buying Your First Home Out of State

Buying Out of State

Temporary Housing for Long Distance Moves

Tips for Where to Rest Your Head When Your Bed is in Storage

Temporary housing for long distance moves is common, and we have more options than ever before!  Figuring out your plan may be impacted by several factors but the great news is todays’ options have more and more flexibility.

Moving long distance (and sometimes locally) can have a tricky timeline.  Your real estate closing, job demands and even kids’ school may start to dictate the dates and require you to be in your new location or stay longer in your departure city. This used to mean crashing on family, living out of boxes and muddling through until you can complete the move.  There is a better way!

Temporary Housing Options for your Move

In no particular order,  these are some great temporary housing options for your move.

temporary housingAir BNB, Home Away, VRBO, etc.

This is our favorite option today.  Air BNB and similar apps make ‘home away from home’ a reality.  Extended stay rates, full house accommodations and flexibility in location, cost and stays make this a great option!  Air BNB may never replace the classic options completely (Think Uber with the taxi industry)  but it has definitely given us great choices (And can even add a slice of paradise to your move).  We use Air BNB as we travel the country for your move too! You will also be able to keep more of your belongings out of storage, during the transition!

Corporate Housing

Short and long term corporate housing is another flexible option.  Did you know most apartment complexes have at least a few units set aside as temporary housing for corporations in the area?  They do!  Talk to your company, talk to friends, etc and I guarantee you can find an in somewhere.


Hotels and extended stay accommodations can be another great option, but may get pricier quicker.  While convenient, this may still require you to put most of your items in storage.  This is a still a great short term option, but we’d recommend corporate or AIR BNB for anything more than a few days, especially if you are moving with your family!

Family and Friends

What is family for, amiright?!  For many of us, your close friend or a dear family member will let you (and maybe your family) crash for a short time during the transition.  Tread lightly here!  It may be easier and less stressful to budget the extra amount to pay for accommodations, but this may be an option.

Wherever you decide to stay, call the experts for your move!  Moving Ahead Services specializes in long distance moving, serving customers in Ohio and across the US. Get your free estimate today!

How to Know if you are Being Scammed by Movers

Moving Scams and Bad Business

Many are scammed by movers this time of year, and unfortunately technology isn’t helping the matter!  View our top tips for ID’ing scams and bad business practices, and protect yourself during your big move!

scammed by moversRed Flags and How to Know if You Are Being Scammed By Movers

  1. Cash – The moment you hear cash or payment is required up front, or that cash is the only payment method – Be wary.  This is definitely a red flag word.  Even small, operable and reputable companies will accept all forms of payment.  Cash deposits or deposits of any kind are also uncommon in the moving industry.
  2. Communication – Are all of your conversations happening online? Have you talked to someone on the phone? Unfortunately technology and communicating through text, email or Facebook messages can make scams even easier.
  3. Presence – Having a presence, whether a website, BBB profile, social media or other online means – Is very important.  View reviews, see how the business operates and get great insights here!
  4. Paperwork and Credentials – Moving and storage requires a tariff and other state and federal specified documents and guidelines.  Your movers should have proof of these items, insurance and formal proof of your contract and details.
  5. Shady Business If you ever feel the moving company is misrepresenting themselves, behaving strangely or being demanding or inappropriate – Hit the brakes!

Remember, your movers are about to be in your home, around you and your family – and in control of all of your personal possessions.  Having a trusted service provider is incredibly important.  There are great ways to find deals, smaller moving companies and even independent contractors – Just make sure you do your homework and protect your investment!

To schedule your move in Ohio, or for great advice – contact our experts or request a free moving estimate here today!

Pets and Staging Tips

Tips for Staging and Prepping Your Home if you have Pets

Pets and staging tips aren’t quite as common as pet moving tips!  Staging your home and getting it ready for a move is already hard work.  Organizing, purging, cleaning, prepping and staging are all tasks that can have a big impact – but take a lot of time. With pets, we have to also consider their safety, sanity and messes!

Being a pet parent can be a rewarding thing.  Sharing your home with a furry critter (or few) is a great way to care for an animal, teach responsibility to kids and have some great company. Unfortunately, our pets can also complicate some situations, particularly during the selling and moving process. pets and staging tips

Recently, our experts in real estate and relocation teamed up with to provide a great list for pets and staging tips!

Pets and Staging Tips

Here are the key tips for handling your pets during the staging and selling process.

  1. Groom
  2. Quarantine (in a cozy way)
  3. Clean and maintain

View the full article online, at today!


Buying a Home with Kids

Choosing Your Family Home

Buying a home with kids isn’t always a walk in the park. For many first time home buyers, purchasing a home for young kids adds an extra element of stress into the mix.  Choosing your family home is tough work!  We recently provided with a round up of tips to help in the selection process. From location to school systems, home features and budget – All of these factors come together to start and ultimately finish your home search.

Buying a Home with Kids – What to consider

buying a home with kidsWhere you choose to purchase a home is a big decision. Many base their sole decision on the school system or proximity to private schools! From the closeness to friends and family, to the neighborhood and access to stores and parks – Having a punch list of features that your location must have is critical.

Features in a home are another huge factor.  Choosing a home that fits your likes and needs is important.  Don’t get carried away with Pinterest day dreams, but keep a practical list!  From the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, to house design and storage. It all matters!

Budget is often another large concern for purchasing a family home. Your budget is a big deal!  From having lovely (expensive) children, to planning monthly expenses and saving for the future – Your budget is incredibly important!

See the full article on

Visit to see the full article, and more great tips for choosing a family home!

Choosing Movers

Selecting the best movers – Truly, why to choose Moving Ahead Services

Choosing movers can be overwhelming. It’s helpful to revisit moving and relocation as a whole this time of year, and at the risk of shameless self promotion, we think we are pretty great at what we do!  For many, this time of year begins the process of buying or selling, moving and starting over – Whether this is your first move or 10th, whether you are moving across the country or down the street, it’s a nice reminder that choosing movers can be easy!

Trusting our family to move yours is more than a tag line at Moving Ahead Services.  We truly are family, and many of us have worked together since the early days of the company.  From the time of just a dozen employees to present day, Moving Ahead Services has grown over 600% alone in just the last 5 years.  That’s pretty impressive!  It honestly would not be possible without the best employees, the best processes and the highest standards of service.  There is a reason we are #1.

Here are the top 7 secrets to our business, and also conveniently the top 7 reasons to choosing movers at Moving Ahead Services for your move

  1. We’ve been doing it right for a long time!  For over a decade, our company has grown and evolved to do great things, even better than they have ever been done before. We are established and trusted, the exact opposite of a fly-by-night moving company.
  2. We know what we are talking about!  We are truly experts, and it’s proven by our great feature articles across the web. From the American Moving and Storage Association to business features in Columbus CEO, The News-Herald, Angie’s List and Yelp, our business and practices have been highlighted in articles and news stories across the industry.
  3. Moving Ahead Services is an active community member.  From Move for Hunger to our partnerships with Susan G. Komen and United Way, Providence House and more – We are committed to making our communities a better place.
  4. WE HANDLE ALL YOUR MOVING NEEDS.® And it’s true!  Moving Ahead Services has the most extensive service menu of any private relocation company in Ohio.  We provide a wealth of services in house, without expensive outsourcing and no sacrifice of quality.
  5. We are an award winning business.  Moving Ahead Services was named Willoughby and Western Lake Country Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year, A finalist for Fast Track 50 Emerging Business, Move For Hunger’s 2016 Mover of the Year and a repeated Angie’s List Super Service Top 5% Award Winner.
  6. Our customers are really happy. Honestly, we have wonderful feedback across the web!  From Angie’s List to the BBB, Facebook, Google and Yelp. Our customers love us! We have thousands of A+ and 5 Star reviews online.
  7. It should go without saying, Moving Ahead Services is appropriately licensed and insured.  We adhere to extensive hiring practices, including full background screenings. Our continued training initiatives and team growth plans allow us to serve our customers the best way we know how.

What are you waiting for?  Request your free moving quote online today, or just call to talk with our experts.  You won’t be disappointed, and our services will not be beat!