We’re Hiring! Join the team at Moving Ahead Services

Moving Ahead Services

Our Willoughby office is looking for customer service oriented individuals to join our talented team!  Located just off of the Route 2 exit for 91, our office staff has openings for Customer Service / Sales Representatives.

At Moving Ahead Services, our office team works hand in hand with our expert movers in the field.  This requires the ideal applicants to be very organized, and able to communicate effectively with the entire Moving Ahead Services team.  Our moving experts assist customers with questions, the quoting process, scheduling and everything in between.  The role includes working with customers to create accurate and effective quotes by completing detailed walkthroughs if required, so applicants must be able to learn the ins and outs at Moving Ahead Services!

We also provide moving supplies, and part of the Customer Service / Sales role will include coordinating the supply orders, including the proper quantities of boxes, packing tape, shrink wrap and more.  Ensuring our customers are able to prepare for their move is a top priority!  We also deliver the supplies locally, so the position requires the ability to be able to lift and carry the boxes from our company vehicles to the customer home or office.  Because driving is involved, all Moving Ahead Services employees are required to be licensed drivers and conduct themselves professionally in the field and in the office.

The Moving Ahead Services offices are professional, but a casual friendly environment promotes strong employee relationships and ultimately work/life balance and fulfillment!  Start your career or change your path with Moving Ahead Services! Learn more about us here.

The hours for this position are Monday through Friday, 10AM until 6PM. Saturdays may be required as well, until 12PM. If you have excellent communication skills and are highly motivated to learn and grow with Moving Ahead Services, please email admin@movingaheadservices.com or fill out employment application at https://movingaheadservices.com/employment-opportunities/.




Columbus Movers on the Move


We’re on the move ourselves!  The Moving Ahead Services Columbus office has relocated to 3883 Business Park Drive in Columbus.  A short distance from our old office, our new digs offer even more storage and operational space to better serve our Columbus area customers.

Columbus Movers

As with any company, moving an office takes an abundance of detailed planning and prep work to ensure the move goes off without a hitch! Luckily, our Columbus movers are pros, and we were able to get back up and running with no interruption to our customers.  When planning any office move, particularly if you aren’t part of or hiring our experienced Columbus movers, the attention to detail makes all of the difference in the success and smoothness of your move!

For offices, considerations need to be taken ranging from moving supplies and boxes, to ensuring proper cable, internet, security and other utilities are arranged at both your old location and your new location – and so much more.  Failure to do so can mean you are delayed, and as a result impacting your customers and your business!

Our Columbus movers handled everything in stride of course, with a little help from our Cleveland movers as well so as not to interrupt client moving plans.  We were able to relocate our office and storage to the new location, organize and still have time to spare, impressed yet?!

For your next office move, call our pros for a free quote, or check out our office moving checklist to help you plan and prepare, to ensure a smooth transition.  The ultimate goal is to avoid any interruptions in your daily business operations!

Stop by and visit the new Moving Ahead Services offices, and all of our Columbus movers  – to schedule your move, storage or for moving supplies.  Phone and all other contact information remains the same, and we look forward to helping you with your Columbus office or home move soon!



National Moving Month – Our Columbus & Cleveland Movers are Thankful

Cleveland Movers - MAS in Action!
Cleveland Movers – MAS in Action!

The month of May has been deemed National Moving Month and our Columbus and Cleveland Movers are in full swing! Between scheduling and quoting, moving and packing, our offices are abuzz and we are so incredibly thankful to work in such an innovative industry. The ability to work with customers on a daily basis, from first time movers to seasoned repeat pros, allows us to learn and grow every single day!

Each Move is Different

Whether you are moving in May, or made the move last Christmas – Your move is unique to you! One thing our Columbus and Cleveland Movers know well is that there is absolutely no such thing as a typical move! Having the resources and thought leadership to turn on a dime, and complete a move successfully – is where we strive to continually grow with every move we do. If anything can be counted on, it is to expect the unexpected! From full-sized aquariums to weather disasters, 10-story walk-ups and more, challenges and triumphs are our specialty.

Investing in Great Talent

Moving may not always seem like a glamorous job – But our expert Columbus and Cleveland movers make it appear to be a work of art! From the office pros to the drivers, packing crews, cleaning crews and all the folks in between – The moving industry provides unique opportunities for growth – and the benefits are arguably immeasurable! The benefits of having a seasoned pro that schedules your next move ensures that every detail is accounted for – after all, they’ve been there and done that in the field! The internal growth and development of every single employee is our top priority.

Big Numbers, Big Decisions

The US Census estimates that about 800,000 annual interstate movers, of the total 3 million moves, used a moving company. That percentage has grown over the years, and will likely continue to grow – Our daily lives are essentially jam-packed, and often times hiring help makes sense! Get the best quality, affordable pricing and personalized touch for your move with our Columbus and Cleveland movers.

Move for Hunger | Cleveland & Columbus Movers

Move for Hunger

Making Your Move Matter

Chances are if you have booked a move with our Cleveland or Columbus movers recently, you have been brought up to speed on the Move for Hunger Program. In many moves, the kitchen is one of the last rooms to be packed – and food is often discarded due to space limitations and other related reasons. Move For Hunger is an organization that has been partnering with moving companies, realtors and the likes to ensure that any discarded food items go to those in need, instead of into the trash.

Move for Hunger

At Moving Ahead Services, any time our Cleveland or Columbus movers schedule a residential or long distance move, we ask our customers if they would like to participate in the Move for Hunger program. All that this entails is receiving a box or boxes from our team, and as you pack leading up to moving day – simply put any un-opened, non-perishable food items that won’t be making the trip with you into the Move for Hunger box! This can be anything from canned vegetables and soups, to chips and boxed dinners and so much more.

Moving NewsWe then collect these boxes on the day of your move, and we coordinate and take them to local food banks, food pantries and shelters, to provide food for those in need. Cutting down on food waste, while also providing a valuable service to communities across the country – Move for Hunger is a win-win! Our Cleveland and Columbus movers have eagerly picked up the program from day one, and even wage friendly on-going bets for which office can round up the most food for those in need.

Whether you are preparing for your big moving day, or you have a close family member or friend on the move, consider Moving Ahead Services for any food items that won’t be making the trip!

Partnering with Move for Hunger Made Easy

We love working with the Move For Hunger team, and any opportunity we get to help area businesses and organizations is welcomed! We have assisted in facilitating food drives for area real estate agents, Fortune 500 companies and more.  We will provide all of the necessary supplies and transportation – Just give us a call to schedule!

The numbers are staggering, and it is estimated that over 17 million children alone in North America go to bed hungry every night.  Together we can make a difference!


Moving Ahead’s Annual Christmas Party

 Christmas with Moving Ahead ServicesAnnual Christmas Party

The holidays are approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! To celebrate, Moving Ahead Services is having our annual Christmas party at Longo’s Pizza in Mentor. This is where we will share a delicious Italian meal with friends and family while toasting to another successful year of business. To add to the excitement, we are going to be raffling off some items to our employees, the proceeds of which will go toward charity.


Ultimately, it should be a night of fun and familial spirit. The evening wouldn’t be complete without Longo’s there to be our gracious host. Longo’s was founded in 1969. Owner Joe Longo had a dream to open an Italian restaurant with a focus on family. Knowing exactly what he wanted to achieve from the beginning. Longo opened his restaurant with the intention to instill the following core values: fresh ingredients, friendly service, loyalty to the community, and high quality. These core values that have allowed Longo’s to grow into a reputable Italian restaurant. Longo’s is still enjoyed by many 45 years later.

Famous for…

Longo’s is particularly famous for their pizza and pasta sauces. The pizza and pasta are still same recipes that Joe’s mother and grandmother brought from Sicily. Everything is still being made fresh daily. Joe also ensures that the rest of their ingredients are fresh and locally grown. Refusing to ever serve any frozen food to guarantee genuine quality for every customer. The mouth-watering Longo’s menu includes a range of pizza and pasta entrees, burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, calzones, soups, salads, and several gluten-free options. Each day of the week offers a different special for customers to take advantage of, like Fish Fridays or Kids Eat Free Tuesdays. Not to mention, Longo’s isn’t exclusively a dine-in restaurant, they also deliver and offer catering services.

True to Joe’s core values, Longo’s is a strong supporter of the Mentor and Lake County community. They actively sponsor various organizations in the area, such as the Mentor High School football team, the Lake Catholic football team, Friends of Women, and the Madison YMCA.

With Moving Ahead being a company that shares many of Longo’s values of quality, courtesy, and community. It only seemed fitting to go to a place where we knew that we could celebrate the holidays as a family. We are looking forward to some delicious dinner and bringing our businesses together for an evening of comfort and joy.

Happy Veteran’s Day from Moving Ahead Services!

While all of the people who saw the movie V for Vendetta were chanting their “remember, remember the fifth of November” stuff, the Moving Ahead crew was saving our attention for a different November holiday, one that we think is rather important. That, of course, is Veteran’s Day.

As many of you may already know, Moving Ahead Services is a veteran-owned company, so we have a lot of appreciation for our country’s veterans, both active and retired. That being said, we hope that you take the time today to not only thank any veterans you know, but to think about what it really means to fight for this country.

Making the choice to join the military is frightening, and remaining in the military after fully realizing what you’ve gotten yourself into is even more frightening. It takes both strength and courage to put yourself in harm’s way on a regular basis to keep your people safe, not only those you love, but countless strangers as well. That’s a lot of people and a lot of responsibility to carry on one’s shoulders, in addition to the heavy gear and equipment that soldiers often lug around in hot, dry conditions.

Consider, too, any veterans who return home to retire with crippling injuries or severe PTSD that disables them from living a normal life. Some veterans are plagued by vivid nightmares that prevent them from resting or are so startled by certain everyday noises that they can’t leave their homes without facing panic attacks. Some veterans can no longer manage everyday tasks due to lost limbs or other physical conditions and must rely on their families in ways that make them feel burdensome. Some veterans don’t even have families to care for them in such situations and are required to be placed in nursing homes to receive proper treatment, even though some of them are still very young.

We don’t bring all of this up to be gloomy, but to influence you to think fully about our country’s veterans and everything that they risk and sacrifice so that we can be safe. We implore you to at least take some time today to think about this if you don’t give veterans your thoughts on other days throughout the year. If you see or speak to a veteran, take a moment to thank them for their service. If you know a retired veteran who could use some help dealing with injuries, PTSD, or anything similar, take some time to reach out to them and show them that their sacrifices were not in vain, nor forgotten. If you know a veteran who is currently providing their services somewhere, especially if it’s somewhere far from home and unsafe, keep them close to your heart and try to imagine what it would be like to be in their situation.

Also, remember that you don’t have to support your country’s wars to support your country’s veterans. Oftentimes, people get too caught up in the political side of things to offer veterans the proper gratitude. Most of the people in the military are where they are out of a moral sense of duty and responsibility to protect their country, not because they want to further the agenda of some political leader.

If you would like a sure way to support your veterans but don’t know how to go about doing so, you can always make donations to the Wounded Warrior Project, where your proceeds will help wounded veterans recover with more ease. As a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project and as a veteran-owned company, we at Moving Ahead Services wish you a safe and pleasant Veteran’s Day.

Moving Ahead Leads the Way!

Last week, the leaders of Moving Ahead Services’ Cleveland office attended a Boss’s Day breakfast, where professional speaker Drew Dudley discussed the qualities of leadership and how to help everyone in your workplace become an active leader.

Drew Dudley is an entrepreneur/educator/writer who has spoken to audiences all over the world about empowering oneself and those around you. He has been heavily involved in various charities and is currently the founder of Nuance Leadership, Inc. We were delighted to hear that he would be speaking at a venue near our Cleveland office and were quick to book ourselves a table so that we could take advantage of an opportunity to further our leadership abilities.

Moving Ahead has always stressed the significance of leadership and we encourage everyone we hire to be leaders in one way or another. When we send crews out to complete a move, we always tell them how important it is to lead by example, and that one person being seen doing something positive or negative can influence whether or not someone else does something positive or negative. We’ve always said that one is not only responsible for oneself, but for those around them as well. Listening to Dudley reaffirmed these ideas for us, as he talked a lot about how to empower others to perform to higher levels.

Along similar lines, a lot of what Dudley discussed involved forming the proper attitude and perspective regarding one’s importance and the importance of those around them. One of our favorite stories that he shared was about the janitor from his high school. This janitor had a photographic memory and could remember anyone’s name and birthday. Not only did he make a point to learn every student’s birthday and give them a card, but he helped students deal with bullying, left flowers in their locker when they experienced a death in the family, and Dudley proclaimed that this very janitor played a key role in Dudley’s current success by encouraging him throughout his high school years. As Dudley explained, most people view a janitorial position as one that shouldn’t be aspired to, as people see such a job as lacking importance, but this janitor was able to do a lot for many students by simply acting as a leader to them. This story in particular got us thinking about our own approaches to those around us and how we would like to make more of a point to demonstrate our value for those in our company who don’t consider themselves leaders.

Dudley offered a lot of helpful advice and insight for us to bring back to the company. We already have some ideas in mind for changes that we would like to implement in our offices. We regret that the breakfast was too far away for anyone from our Columbus or Peoria offices to attend, but since Dudley emailed his slideshow presentation to those in attendance and we took ample notes of our own, we shouldn’t have much trouble relaying his strategies to them. Having taken a lot from this lecture, we can’t wait to spread Dudley’s insights to our entire team so that Moving Ahead leads the way.

Tune in to the Radio Endorsement for Moving Ahead Services

If you aren’t sure if Moving Ahead Services is the right company for you, if the 300-plus positive Angie’s List reviews still aren’t convincing you of our abilities, then what about a radio endorsement from WGAR’s LeeAnn Sommers?

That’s right. LeeAnn Sommers of popular Cleveland radio station WGAR devoted a 30 second radio spot to praising Moving Ahead Services and the great job we did in helping her move. Having a radio endorsement may not seem like that big of a deal, but companies are constantly fighting for air time that endorses their products and services. We didn’t even have to ask after the excellent service that we provided for LeeAnn.

According to Chris Muehleisen, account executive for Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, LeeAnn’s radio endorsement for Moving Ahead Services was one of the most incredible endorsements Muehleisen has heard in his years with Clear Channel. We would not be receiving such an endorsement if we were not a reputable, credible, and high-quality company, so LeeAnn’s endorsement truly speaks volumes about our services.

We highly encourage you to listen to the endorsement yourself by finding it on our home page. Cleveland is a city full of thriving businesses, so for one to be given air time on a major radio station without even having to request it is a big deal. However, if you find that you’re still skeptical at this point for whatever reason, the best way to learn the truth about our services is to see them in action for yourself. Enlist the aid of Moving Ahead Services for your next move and be as amazed as LeeAnn Sommers.

Moving Ahead Services to Attend AMSA’s 96th Annual Education Conference and Expo

Moving Ahead Services is excited and proud to be attending the upcoming 96th Annual Education Conference and Expo from the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). If you are unfamiliar, the AMSA is self-described as “the only national association for the full-service, professional moving and storage industry.” The conference is to be held in Orlando, Florida from February 8-11, 2015, and it is a great opportunity for us to learn more about our industry and improve our services for customers.

The conference will allow us to attend various educational sessions and panels that feature speakers with seasoned experience in the moving services industry. From these sessions, we can learn about new innovations, problematic scenarios that other industry leaders have experienced and how they dealt with them, the latest and greatest equipment and vehicles that should be used, customer service and sales training and solutions, and general tips and tricks to be successful in our industry.

In addition to attending these informational sessions, the conference will also be an opportunity for us to network and grow our relationships with others in the industry. We hope to be able to meet new clients and associates while also getting the chance to check in with current clients and associates on how we have been servicing them and what adjustments we can make to better our efforts.

As a company that values learning and bettering our services for further customer satisfaction, we are greatly looking forward to attending this convention. We hope and expect to gain valuable insight that we will return to our Cleveland headquarters with. Upon our return, we intend to meet with all managers and share the information we have learned with them so that we can spread the knowledge among our offices. If there are any new concepts or practices that we would like to implement, special meetings and training sessions will be held for our movers and customer service representatives so that they can be more successful in their everyday endeavors.

Moving Ahead Services is a certified member of the AMSA due to our dedication to our services and steadfast professionalism. By attending the 2015 conference, it is our goal to stay updated on current industry matters and to better our business in any way that we can. Moving Ahead Services constantly seeks improvement for our devoted moving services, forever aiming to reduce as much stress as possible in the lives of hardworking customers like you.

AngiesList Reviews

Angies List ReviewsIt’s often challenging trying to find the company that will provide you with the best and most affordable service, whether for moving or other industries. No one’s going to let you in on reasons that you shouldn’t go with their company, of course, so it’s usually up to you to make your best judgment call based on what you observe. One of the most common ways for people to gain an honest and thorough understanding of how good or poor of a job a company typically does is by perusing through reviews from other customers.

You can tell that Moving Ahead Services is a great moving company with high customer satisfaction based on the reviews you’ll find on Angie’s List. For those who are unfamiliar, Angie’s List is a commonly trusted source for feedback on service-based companies, and Moving Ahead Services has been awarded the “Angie’s List Super Service Award” five times! There are also over 300 positive reviews of our services listed by Angie’s List members, and these reviewers continue to back up our credibility with their honest praise of our work.

We encourage you to join Angie’s List and see the reviews for yourself so that you can feel even more confident about selecting us as your moving assistance provider, and we hope that you will leave a review after we’ve completed your project so that other customers can see how well we operate. It saddens us that people have poor relocation experiences from other companies when they could be enjoying the peace of mind that we offer. Not only would you be helping us by leaving a review, but you would be helping other customers like yourself who are simply trying to find someone they can count on.

We sincerely appreciate every review we’ve received and are grateful for your feedback, even on the occasions that it is negative, as we can then take steps to address issues and improve our services for the future. We highly recommend becoming a member of Angie’s List whether you look into our company or not. That way, you can use Angie’s List to your own advantage and be supplied with dependable critiques on all sorts of companies that you may wish to seek help from.

If you’re registered to AngiesList, please check out our reviews here.